Reviving a Valentine’s Day classic: DIY Valentine Box

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day! It’s difficult to believe that it’s less than a week away! Seeing all the hearts and glitter reminds me of middle school. We always celebrated Valentine’s Day in middle school by decorating our classroom and crafting Valentine boxes. Since every student gave valentines to the entire class, we would need a sizable box. It was a little like Halloween with glitter and hearts instead of skulls and other creepy things. This year I decided to revive and improve my favorite grade school project by making a Valentine Box for our whole family. Now we can fill the box with love, encouragement, and a bit of candy to enjoy together on Valentine’s Day.

Spread a little love and a lot of fun with this easy Valentine’s DIY. Using a simple box, you can create a mailbox for handmade cards and sweet treats. After you’ve celebrated and shared all the sweet sentiments, keep all those precious cards safe in your box to enjoy for years to come. This fun throwback to old school Valentines Day is a project the whole family will enjoy.

To make your own Valentine box you will need:

  • Photo box or shoe box
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Utility knife
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Ribbon
  • An assortment of Valentine’s themed items like:
    • Tulle
    • Yarn
    • Scrapbook Paper
    • Stickers

You can really make this Valentine box anyway you want. If your son wants to make a ninja of love or your daughter is all about sparkles, they can make their box just the way they want. I do recommend using a nice sturdy box with a snug fitting lid. Since this box is designed to hang on the wall, you will need a box that won’t bend with the weight of love or chocolate. 😉

Start with the lid of the box.

For the mailbox look, you need to cut an opening near what will be the top of the box. Using a ruling draw a 1 inch tall box that is about 2-3 inches from the top and at least an 1½ from either side. Then carefully cut out the box with an utility knife.

Now you can start making the lid pretty. Cut out a rectangle of Valentine paper that is a half inch larger all the way around. I recommend making marks on the back of the paper at 1 inch and 1/2 inch from the edge. Also make a line done the middle. These will help you with cutting and centering your paper on the hole in the lid.

Cut a slit in the middle of the paper along the line. Stop at the inch line on both side. Cut diagonally from the middle where your cut ended to the corner at the half inch mark. (As shown below.) This will give you a clean opening and make it easier to secure.

Apply glue to the paper and center over the cutout box on the outside. You should be able to line up the edges with the half inch marks around the sides. Press into place. Then fold over the inside flaps. (As shown above.) Glue and tape the flaps inside the box, and you have a nicely finished opening for your Valentines.

I added a bit of sparkly tool to the lid of my box. Just tape one edge to the inside, wrap it around the outside, trim the excess, and tape the other edge to inside as well. And voila! You have a sparkly wrapped lid without any staples (because glue would not work on tulle). You can then proceed to decorate the lid with stickers and paper as much as you want.

Next thing to makeover is the box itself.

First put the lid back on the box and trace around the edge of the lid. That will help make sure the ribbon to hang the box isn’t overlapped by the lid. It will also give you a guide if you choose to wrap the box with fun yarn or sting.

Next you need to cut holes on either side of the box to insert the ribbon for hanging the Valentine box. Make a mark that’s about 2 inches from will be the top of the box. Make another mark about half way between the box opening and the back. Using an utility knife cut where the mark intersect. (Shown above). To make it easier easier to slip the ribbon into the hole, poke a pen or pencil into hole to make it a bit bigger. Thread the ribbon through the hole and knot the end. Repeat with the other side cutting the ribbon to the length you want and you have yourself a handy handle for your Valentine box.

Then you can wrap your box in fun yarn or paper or whatever you want. You can deck out your box anyway you want. The possibilities are really endless. Once you are done decorating and bedazzling, you have a beautiful Valentine box to fill with kindness and candy for your whole family or perhaps a special friend.

Finished Valentine Box

I have to say this turned out much better than most of my grade school Valentine boxes. Although there was a particular suitcase themed one that I do remember was just adorable. Not surprisingly, my mom made most of that box. She still is the best! And I can’t wait to spend Valentine’s Day with her and the rest of my family. I hope Valentine’s Day will be filled with as much love and sweet treats as mine will.

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