Celebrate National Puppy Day: Create a Puppy Welcoming Basket and a Dog Toy

Hello and happy National Puppy Day everyone! There is nothing like bringing home a bundle of furry joy. While I don’t have a puppy at the moment, my brother has an adorable dog that he adopted from the local animal shelter. He is such a sweet pup and fills everyone he meets with love and joy. If you are thinking about getting a pet for your family, I personally recommend going to your local shelter. There are lots of wonderful animal who need caring forever homes. I have gotten pets from there, and they have added so much to my life. Since it’s National Puppy Day, I thought it be a great idea to create a basket of goodies to welcome my doggy nephew and make a dog toy for him while I’m at it.

Puppy Welcoming Basket & Dog Toy DIY

This basket is a blast to put together for new puppy parents. The rope toy is great for playing fetch in the park or chewing on while they relax. This dog toy is also easy and cheap to make. Creating a special gift for someone’s new fur baby will let them know that they are loved.

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Bird Seed Bagels DIY for the Backyard Birdwatcher

The weather has been cold and unpredictable as it always is during a Minnesota winter. Although it is a frozen tundra outside, life still goes on and braving the cold is an everyday challenge. I have to admit that it does look lovely and curling up with a hot tea while watching as the birds and other wildlife scamper about is quite relaxing. Full bird feeders and a variety of bird houses around the yard keep a wide variety of activity in the backyard.

February is actually National Bird Feeding Month, so I thought why not make something for my wild feathered friends this week? So searching the web and my library of craft books, I was inspired to create Bird Seed Bagels.

Bird Seed Bagels DIY

This DIY is easy, cheap, and 100% of it can be used by the birds.

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