Cereal Treat Clover for St. Patrick’s Day

Good day everyone! I hope you are still soldiering on well through this crazy winter. The dip back down well below freezing is quite unwelcome. But I suppose it is just March and could be a whole lot worse. One thing to be excited about in March is St. Patrick’s Day, which is tomorrow! To celebrate St. Paddy’s Day on such short notice, I created this delicious cereal treat in the shape of a clover.

St Patricks Day Cereal Treat Clover

This festive dessert is quick and easy to make. With just a few ingredients and some cookie cutters you can make this delightful cereal treat. It was the talk of our party and I’m certain your guests will love it too.

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Lime Cheesecake with Strawberry Sauce

National Cheesecake Day is this Saturday the 30th. What better excuse to enjoy a delicious dessert? In honor of summer, I made lime cheesecake with strawberry sauce and strawberries on top of course. I also diverged from the normal graham cracker crust and made mine with a yummy pretzel crust. It adds a nice sweet change with a hint a salt. The fresh lime taste in the cheesecake with the sweet strawberry sauce hits all the right notes for summer.

Lime Cheesecake with Strawberry Sauce and a Pretzel Crust

Cheesecake can seem a little intimidating but don’t let that stop you. This recipe isn’t difficult and is very worth the effort to make.

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Mini Topiary DIY Place Card Holders

Spring has definitely come early to Minnesota, and I couldn’t be happier! March is usually the snowiest month here. Actually we could still have a big snow storm, but I’m savoring the early spring weather that we have been blessed with for the last couple of weeks. I just hope and pray that the weather will continue to be wonderful, especially through Easter. There have been a couple of years where Easter eggs have been put in sandwich bags before they’ve been hidden outside.

I’m so happy that I have a head start on Easter preparations this year (instead of just throwing some decorations together the night before). I have not started dyeing eggs for our Easter Egg hunt yet, but I still have a little over a week till Easter. So there is still time for that. Although this year, I believe that there will be more adults than children at my home for Easter. So I thought of making the Easter table more grownup with a bit of elegance. I hoping to bring the feel of spring inside. Instead of the dyed eggs with names written on them like I usually do, I came up with Mini Topiary Place Card Holders.

Mini Topiary Place Card Holder DIY

I love the garden feel that they bring to my table. Even if it does snow on Easter, there will be spring inside at least. If you have a grown-ups table that you need to decorate, I encourage you to try making these mini topiaries. They are really easy and you can make a bunch of them in an afternoon.

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Get Ready for St. Patrick’s Day with a Cute Shamrock Hair Clip DIY

St. Patrick’s Day is just one short week away, and people will be happily engaged in all sort of Irish themed fun whether they are actually Irish or not. New York boasts of the largest St. Patrick’s Day parade, Chicago famously dyes the Chicago River a vibrant green, and Seattle has an entire Irish Week Festival right downtown. All across the US, there will great St. Patrick’s Day festivities to enjoy with family and friends.

Although my heritage is more Scottish than Irish, I still really enjoy the holiday. It’s fun to see people in green and some of my red headed friends joke about being constantly asked if they are Irish (but they aren’t). They do look awesome in green though. 🙂

I wanted to show my love for Ireland, but since it’s still early spring, coats are still required and cover up cute green fashion. So I thought of making a hair accessory. In true American fashion, I decided to blend different cultures to create something different and adorable: a Kanzashi Shamrock Hair Clip.

Kanzashi are Japanese hair ornaments made up of fabric folded flowers. I’ve been in awe of the beauty and variety of hair ornaments and flowers. After searching the internet and books, I found one of the more simple ways to create a petal and knew it would create an adorable shamrock.

Kanzashi Shamrock Hair Clip DIY

Isn’t it so cute?! I just loved how it turned out. Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy to create a bunch of petals while watching TV. Would you like to make one too?

Luckily, this week’s DIY is this adorable Shamrock Hair Clip!

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