Ideas for Enhancing Your Backyard

Hello Spring! Ok, so spring officially started March 20th, but it’s really starting to feel like spring here. This means that it’s time for spring cleaning my home inside and out. I’m really looking forward to enjoying the outdoors, especially my backyard.

But before I can really enjoy the outdoors, the weather needs to warm up a bit more, and my backyard needs some enhancing to make it the oasis that I want to enjoy all summer long. I’m hoping to make it not only a relaxing sanctuary but also make it great for entertaining. I might also need some new tools for cleaning up my yard.

After looking through, I have found some great things to make any backyard a beautiful and fun oasis that can be enjoyed all spring and summer. If you’ve got spring fever as well and hope to enhance your backyard, I hope this will inspire your backyard dreams.

The person who will be spending the most time in your backyard is you, so why not make it into your personal oasis?

Create a Tranquil Backyard Oasis
Portable Sprinkler System, Collapsible Rain Barrel, Coach Style Solar Lights – 2 pack, Green and White 15ft. Privacy Netting

Keep both your lawn and garden green with a portable sprinkler system. You can move it around to the places you need and each sprinkler head has an adjustable spray so you can water plants: from shrubs to tiny seedlings.

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Happy Thanksgiving from Home with Heartland

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Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are spending today surrounded by family and friends enjoying this wonderful holiday.

I would like to take a moment to share some of the things that we are thankful for here at Heartland America. I asked my co-workers and here are some of their responses:

“I’m thankful for my beautiful children and grandchildren. Also for all of the dogs and horses on this planet. They make life worth living.”

“I am thankful for having a job and waking up every morning to a wonderful family.”

“Everyday is a gift. I’m thankful for friends and family and the time I got to spend on this earth with my parents who are now in heaven.”

“I am thankful for my job.”

“I am thankful that we still have our freedoms and live in America where we can still say “God bless you” and raise our children according to our beliefs.”

“I am thankful for my amazing wife and beautiful 8 month old healthy baby girl celebrating her 1st Thanksgiving.”

“I am very thankful I still have my mom and family. I am thankful I get to meet my fiance’s brother and family that is coming up for Thanksgiving since their mom passed away few years ago and see family all reunited.

Ps. I am also thankful that everyone can get together as a family and celebrate good memories and time together.”

I want to thank everyone who contributed!

What I am thankful for? I have so many blessings to to grateful for this Thanksgiving: my wonderful family, my awesome friends, my sweet kitty, and the amazing job that lets me bring this blog to you.

I also want to thank you, our readers and customers. You make what we do possible. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

All of us here at Heartland America wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving and safe travels whether it’s across the country or across the street.

Please let me know what you are thankful for by leaving a comment. Remember you are always welcome at Home with Heartland.

Frightfully Fun Family Games for After Dark

Halloween is coming up fast, and you know what that means. It’s time for costumes, trick or treating, and sweet sugar highs. Here are some great games to conquer the sugar rush.

Frightfully Fun Family Games for After Dark

First after dark game idea is the game of Sardines.

It is played in complete and utter darkness. It can be played outside, but I prefer playing it inside. Playing inside seems a bit more scary and far more controlled. Usually it is played with a medium to large group of people. I would recommend ages of preteen on up because younger children might panic in the dark. Make sure your house is clean and anything really valuable is put away because accidents are prone to happen in the dark.

Close all the blinds and turn off all the lights in the house. You can even cover over backlit clocks and such to eliminate as much light as possible. Set clear room boundaries: for example you can keep it all on one level or designate certain rooms as off limits.

Then choose one person to go off and hide while the rest of the party waits in a small room or even outside the front door for 1-3 minutes. The person hiding must find a spot and STAY THERE and be as quiet as possible!

After the time is up, everyone starts looking for the person that is hiding. Remember to go slowly and give your eyes time to adjust because nothing ruins a great game faster than someone getting hurt. The seeking party can talk or in my case giggle uncontrollably and nervously. Whoever finds the person hiding must hide with them until everyone finds them. This usually ends up with everyone crammed in the same spot like…Sardines. 😀 Read more