Bird Seed Bagels DIY for the Backyard Birdwatcher

The weather has been cold and unpredictable as it always is during a Minnesota winter. Although it is a frozen tundra outside, life still goes on and braving the cold is an everyday challenge. I have to admit that it does look lovely and curling up with a hot tea while watching as the birds and other wildlife scamper about is quite relaxing. Full bird feeders and a variety of bird houses around the yard keep a wide variety of activity in the backyard.

February is actually National Bird Feeding Month, so I thought why not make something for my wild feathered friends this week? So searching the web and my library of craft books, I was inspired to create Bird Seed Bagels.

Bird Seed Bagels DIY

This DIY is easy, cheap, and 100% of it can be used by the birds.

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