12 Fantastic Summer Products for You and Your Family

Hello everyone! How’s your summer going? So far my family and I have had a great summer. But it’s been much busier than I anticipated, and there is not much left. I have to make the most of it. That’s why I want to share some products with you to help you get the most out of summer. Whether you have already worn out your summer shoes, are looking for a nighttime activity for your family, or simply need a few more ways to keep cool, I have something for you. So check out these fantastic summer products now available at Heartland America.

First we have a selection of women’s shoes to keep up with the hectic summer pace.
Women’s Fuchsia Physique Running Shoes, Women’s Silver Tempo Running Shoes, Women’s Black Volitation Running Shoes, Women’s Purple Aqua Shoes

Keep things comfy and bright with this pair of Physique running shoes from Fila. The breathable mesh and adorable color gives style and comfort to your casual summer. With interior padding and durable rubber soles, your feet will stay in peak condition whether you are out for a run or dashing around the mall.

If you prefer a more subtle running shoe, Fila has also created Tempo running shoes in silver. These shoes have just an accent of fuchsia and blue to brighten things up. The combination of leather and mesh make a lightweight, breathable shoe for extra summer comfort. Inside a cushioned insole absorbs shock creating less stress on your joints. And I think we can all agree that we need less stress everywhere. 🙂

If black is your color, check out these Volitation running shoes from 361 Degrees. A sharp looking shoe that will go with any of your casual outfits. They are made from breathable fabric with performance insoles and sturdy rubber soles. These shoes are perfect for the constantly moving summer lifestyle.

When you hitting the beach this summer, you also need a good pair of water shoes. These purple Aqua shoes from Hang Ten are fun and comfortable. The fabric stretches for a comfortably snug fit while the cinching ankle strap keeps them from slipping off. The textured soles help prevent you from slipping on rocks or other hidden obstacles. So you can wade into the water without worrying about rocks, slimy seaweed, or other mysteriously squishy surfaces.


Next observe the wonders of the night sky with your family through one of these telescopes.
800×72 Electric Focus Astronomical/Terrestrial Telescope, 640×102 Tracker Reflector Telescope Kit, 800×72 Refractor Telescope Kit, 600×90 Tracker Refractor Telescope Kit

First we have the Cassini CC-72EFS telescope. You can use this telescope for both land and sky observation. It is mounted on an Azimuth yoke mount for stable viewing. The electronic finder scope lets you target objects without losing a view of the surrounding field. With two eyepiece options and collapsible tripod, this is a great kit for a star gazing enthusiast.

Next there is the Cassini FH-102TR reflector telescope. The Azimuth mount of this telescope is securely attached to a fully adjustable metal tripod. The tripod includes an accessory tray with slots for the included interchangeable eyepieces. Both the telescope and mount are fully adjustable so you can pin point that favorite star.

This Galileo G-872BG refractor telescope will also allow you to view the radiance of the stars. With Azimuth mount and sturdy tripod, this telescope points right where you want it. Not only does it come with two eyepieces, but it also has a 3x Barlow which will triple the magnification of the eyepiece if you use them together.

Finally there is the C-60090TR telescope from Cassini. This telescope is another great option for viewing the night sky or the landscape around you. The Azimuth mount on this telescope is able to be micro adjusted both vertically and horizontally. The included tripod has an accessory tray and retractable rubber feet for added stability outdoors. Whichever telescope you get will help you savor those beautiful stars on balmy summer nights. So get away from the city lights and enjoy the night.


Finally here is a selection of summer products to keep you cool.
Portable Ice Maker, 1.5qt. Ice Cream Maker, Insulated 38oz. Wide Mouth Bottle, 30oz. Stainless Steel Tumblers

With the heat we’ve had to endure all summer, you can never have enough ice. This portable ice maker from Savoureux Pro let you make ice anywhere you have electricity. The two quart water tank produces ice in just minutes, and the low water alarm lets you know when it’s time to refill. This ice maker is a great addition to your campsite or your summer party supplies.

Ice cream is the best summer treat. You can your own ice cream at home with a Savoureux Pro ice cream maker. The clear lid lets you see when your ice cream is ready to eat. There is even a hole right in the lid so you can easily mix in your own candy or crushed cookies. With a powerful motor and quick freeze bowl, you’ll be making your own delicious desserts in no time.

Take a refreshing beverage with you wherever you go with an insulated bottle. This wide mouth bottle from Aquatix is easy to fill and double-wall insulated to keep drinks cold all day long. The stainless steel design travels well even on the most extreme adventures.

If you are looking for an insulted cup to use everyday, check on this pair of stainless steel tumblers. This two pack of tumblers can be used for hot or cold drinks. The clear sliding lid protects your drink from spills. With the indented base these tumblers fit into a standard cup holder. So you can enjoy your hot or cold drinks on the go.

I hope you found something that will make the remaining days of summer even better for you and your family. Supplies are limited so act now before these products are sold out. Next time I will be bringing you a delicious dessert featuring a seasonal vegetable. That sounds odd but trust me it’s really good. Until then have lots of fun, stay safe, and remember you are always welcome at home with Heartland.

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