A New Year: the Perfect Time to Start a New You

It’s a brand new year! Although resolutions are all well and good, I am striving for more permanent changes in my life. There are many things that I want to get started now and continue through the entire year. Things like getting organized, cooking new things, and being the best version of myself.

One of the things that I know I need to work on to become the best version of myself is exercising…regularly. Not just the maybe once a week when I feel like it. Because let’s face it, I rarely feel like it.

I’m not a fitness expert, but Heartland America offers a variety of exercise equipment so that anyone can workout from the comfort of their own home.

I have compiled a variety of ideas for you, for your man, and for both of you. There’s no time like the present to get started on a healthier, happier you.

Women's Fitness Equipment
Sony Portable CD/Cassette Boombox, Ab Circle Pro, Women’s Hi-Tec Darwen Running Shoes, Step 360 Exercise with Cords.

Music always helps me get charged up for my workout. If you exercise at home, you can crank it up with the Sony Portable Boombox and never have to deal with headphones.

The Ab Circle Pro is a great way to get your upper, middle, and lower abs in shape and give you that lovely small waist you’ve always wanted. It’s simple and offers three levels of resistance so you can train at your own level of fitness.

Walking or running improves your whole body strength and endurance. Hi-Tec Darwen Running Shoes bring together quality and comfort to propel you further in your fitness goals with shock-absorbing soles and traction to keep you on the right path.

With the Step 360 Exercise Board you can get a full body workout. The adjustable air-filled chambers offer progressive resistance as your fitness level improves. The step board also interlocks with resistance cords to tone your arms, back and chest, and flip it over for a stable place to attain deep stretches.


If you or your man are into building muscle tone the next products will help you get there.

Men's Fitness Equipment
Marcy Standard Bench with Weight Set, Adidas Crunch Board, Ninja Pro Blender NJ600, Men’s New Balance Running Shoes, Body Power Inversion System.

The perfect addition to any home gym is Marcy’s Bench and Weight set. Build up muscle with great adjustable press exercises for your arms and legs. With an 80lb. weight set included, you are all set to pump some iron.

Adidas Crunch Board has an adjustable back pad with incline and decline for serious crunches to build that six pack. It also has a two rail system on the underside so that you can store your dumb-bells to keep them in easy reach for your workout.

Stretching is an essential part of your exercise routine. The Body Power Inversion System gives your back and body the stretch it needs for a healthy and happy spine.

Whipping up a healthy protein shake will help with your fitness goals – with the Ninja Pro Blender you can make delicious and nutritious blends in no time at all.

Don’t forget to wear the proper shoes while working out. New Balance Running Shoes have shock-absorbing comfort and durability to help you go the distance. However long that distance is. 😉


If cycling is more your speed, Heartland America has a selection of those as well.

Fitness for Both
Moving Rider Exercise Bike, Rodeo Core Fitness Trainer, Marcy Cardio Mini-Cycle.

The Moving Rider Exercise Bike takes the stationary bike to the next level by plugging it into your computer. Now you can explore exotic locations or even enjoy a race right from the comfort of your home. The bike keeps track of your pace and syncs it to the racing games or even Google earth right on your computer screen.

Keeping a horse in the house is not an option for most people, but you can enjoy the exercise of horse riding with the Rodeo Core Fitness Trainer. The nice compact design is great for small spaces and gives a great workout without the hay.

For those who have very limited space but still want a stationary cycle, Marcy’s Cardio Mini-Cycle is just right. You can exercise anywhere whether that is on the sofa, at your desk, or any place there’s a place to sit.

Remember to drink plenty of water no matter what kind of exercise you are doing. And keep going! Getting healthy and fit does not happen overnight or even in a week or two. If you keep going the results will be worth it.

Heartland America’s inventory is always changing so pick up the equipment that fits your lifestyle while you can. There are new and exciting products coming in all the time so check the website often.

I hope you continue working on whatever you set as your New Year’s resolution. I’m cheering for you! And remember you are always welcome at Home with Heartland.

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