Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is just a little over a week away! You know what that means…shopping! I love shopping for and giving gifts. Finding that perfect gift that you know the other person will love is such a thrill. I can’t wait to find that special something that will make my mom’s face light up.

Heartland has a great selection of products that would make a perfect Mother’s Day gift.

I decided to put together a few boards to help me decide what would be best for my mom. I hope these ideas will help you find the perfect gift for your mother. Or if you are a mother, you can direct your loved ones to these great gift ideas.


Jewelry is always a lovely gift for any mother. Here are some great ideas to add some sparkle and bling to your mom’s special day.
Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Ideas
Diamond Tennis Bracelet, Pearl Necklace, Trillion Amethyst Earring & Necklace Set, Sterling Silver Floating Heart Necklace, White/Black/Grey Pearl Necklace, Bracelet, Earring Set, Sterling Silver Pearl Set

Diamonds always make a breathtaking gift. This ¼ carat diamond tennis bracelet is a beautiful gift that will bring out a sparkle in your mom’s eyes.

If your mother is more traditional, there is nothing more lovely and timeless than a pearl necklace. It will add an elegant touch to any wardrobe.

Amethyst jewelry adds a hint of color while still adding sparkle and class. This Amethyst earring and necklace set makes a great gift especially if your mother’s birthday is in February or she just loves the color purple.

Your mother will always be reminded how loved she is with a sterling silver floating heart necklace. Simply beautiful and versatile, show your mother that’s she’s always in your heart.

A unique and modern twist, this necklace, bracelet, and earring set is created with white, black, and grey freshwater pearls. Modern moms will love this take on a classic.

For an everyday modern look, this sterling silver set with freshwater pearls add a hint of elegance and style to your mom’s everyday looks.


For moms who love to whip up delicious treats in the kitchen, here are a great selection of gift options that will help mom out in the kitchen.
Mother's Day Kitchen Gift Ideas
Portable Ice Maker, Health Master Montel Elite Blender, 12 Piece Ceramic Aluminum Cookware Set, Brentwood Electric Glass Tea Kettle, Hamilton Beach 1.5qt Gel Ice Cream Maker, 12 Piece Light Woodgrain Floor Mats

If your mom is the hostess with the mostest, she will love a portable ice maker. It will keep making ice for all the guests at her parties which will save a trip to the store to get more ice.

Replace your mom’s ancient blender and get her a fantastic upgrade with a HealthMaster Elite blender. She’ll be able to create delicious smoothies and malts and even be able to make soups and sauces right in the blender.

Having great cookware is essential for any cook. Treat your mom to this 12 piece ceramic aluminum cookware set; it’s naturally nonstick with great heat distribution.

For the mom who loves a good cup of tea, a electric glass tea kettle heats up water in about 3 minutes, because you never know when you need a good cup of tea.

With summer fast approaching, making ice cream at home is always fun. This ice cream maker makes it quick and easy. Mom will love experimenting with all kinds of flavors and combinations.

Spending a lot of time standing in the kitchen can be hard on the body. Give mom these interlocking woodgrain floor mats. They are shock-absorbing, easy to clean, and nonslip so she’ll be able to enjoy her kitchen for hours on end.


If the garden or the backyard are your mom’s passion, check out these great gifts that will enhance any outdoor space.
Mother's Day Garden Gift Ideas
Umbrella Screen, Solmar Cantilevered Umbrella, Sol Mar Solar Garden Lights, Purple Martin Barn Birdhouse, Portable Sprinkler System, Collapsible Rain Barrel

Here in Minnesota mosquitoes and other bugs can be extra annoying and stop people from enjoying their backyard. The whole family can enjoy a Mother’s Day meal outside with an umbrella screen without the annoying bugs spoiling the day.

With a cantilevered umbrella, mom can relax in shade of a 10 foot canopy, and the umbrella post won’t get in the way. This is perfect for resting by a lake, a pool, or really anyplace that you need some shade.

Solar lights have become very popular and for good reason. They are easy to install, require no electricity, and add a welcoming glow to a path or the backyard. Even if your mom already has some solar lights, she will love getting more to bring even more light to her backyard.

For mom’s who love to watch birds, a purple martin birdhouse is a great addition to the backyard. The birds are fun to watch and eat bugs which is always helpful for enjoying the outdoors.

Installing a sprinkler system is a great idea for your mom’s beloved garden, but it is very expensive. A portable sprinkler system is much less expensive, easy to install, and can be moved around to where it is needed most.

Save your mom money and water with a collapsible rain barrel. With up to 50 gallons of collected rainwater, your mom can keep her gardens green and growing with naturally soft and chemical free water.

Remember that Heartland America‘s inventory changes frequently so pick up your gifts before they sell out.


I hope I was able to inspire you (or your loved ones) to give your mom something that she will love and enjoy for years to come. I am really looking forward to spending the day enjoying time with my mom on Mother’s Day, and I’m excited to find the perfect gift for her.

Tune in next week for a delicious dessert to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, and it also makes a fun dessert for Mother’s Day. It’s easy and very fun to make, especially with kids. So stay tuned and remember you are always welcome at Home with Heartland.



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