Ideas for Enhancing Your Backyard

Hello Spring! Ok, so spring officially started March 20th, but it’s really starting to feel like spring here. This means that it’s time for spring cleaning my home inside and out. I’m really looking forward to enjoying the outdoors, especially my backyard.

But before I can really enjoy the outdoors, the weather needs to warm up a bit more, and my backyard needs some enhancing to make it the oasis that I want to enjoy all summer long. I’m hoping to make it not only a relaxing sanctuary but also make it great for entertaining. I might also need some new tools for cleaning up my yard.

After looking through, I have found some great things to make any backyard a beautiful and fun oasis that can be enjoyed all spring and summer. If you’ve got spring fever as well and hope to enhance your backyard, I hope this will inspire your backyard dreams.

The person who will be spending the most time in your backyard is you, so why not make it into your personal oasis?

Create a Tranquil Backyard Oasis
Portable Sprinkler System, Collapsible Rain Barrel, Coach Style Solar Lights – 2 pack, Green and White 15ft. Privacy Netting

Keep both your lawn and garden green with a portable sprinkler system. You can move it around to the places you need and each sprinkler head has an adjustable spray so you can water plants: from shrubs to tiny seedlings.

A collapsible rain barrel is not only friendly for the environment but also very friendly to your wallet. It collects rainwater from your gutters and stores it so you can use it to water your plants instead of using water from your household tap.

Coach style 58″ tall solar lights add a warm glow to the backyard in the evenings or can add light to a patio for those nights spent around a fire pit.

If you have a deck, privacy and safety are top priorities to keep things fun and enjoyable. A privacy netting not only keeps little ones from leaning through the railing which is very dangerous, but also creates a private space to relax and enjoy your deck.


Not only should a backyard be a sanctuary, but it’s best to share it with friends and family.

Here are some products that will make your backyard the place to be this spring and summer.

Important Elements for Backyard Entertaining
Flicker Candle Lantern Solar Lights, Natural White Cantilevered Umbrella, Intex 16×42 Easy Set Pool, Garden Solar Lights – 10 pack, 2-in-1 Water Faucet & Drinking Fountain, Reversible Indoor/Outdoor Patio Rug

Enjoying friends around roaring fire pits at night is a summer staple. Flickering candle solar lights will mirror that cozy fire without having to put out the lights at the end of the night.

During those hot summer days, you can keep cool in the shade of a cantilevered umbrella. So you can enjoy shade right where you want it and need it most.

If the sun gets too hot even in the shade, having a pool in the backyard is a wonderful thing. An above ground pool is a great option that it so much less expensive and much easier to maintain than a traditional pool.

How about a ten pack of solar lights to light up a path to the backyard for those evening gatherings? These solar lights will turn on automatically at dusk so guests will easily find their way to and from your backyard party.

Having a sink in the backyard is so nice for quickly washing your hands after gardening or rinsing off dirty toys. This outdoor 2-in-1 sink not only has a faucet but also has a drinking spout so when your kids need a quick drink of water they won’t have to run into the house tracking the outdoors inside.

Whether indoors or outdoors a rug always adds a nice touch to any space. This indoor/outdoor rug is not only sturdy enough for well loved patios but is also reversible so you can get a different look by merely flipping it over.


Don’t forget, having the right tool for the job makes all the difference especially when you are creating a great outdoor space.

Here’s a selection of great tools that will help you power through those yard work tasks.

Essential Spring Clean Up Tools
Electric Tiller, Ryobi Hybrid String Trimmer, Chainsaw, Electric Leaf Blower

If you love to create beautiful gardens, an electric tiller is essential and not only saves time preparing the ground for gardening but also saves you from a lot of back breaking work.

Trimming edges and cutting around the base of trees is a breeze with the Ryobi hybrid string trimmer. You can leave it plugged in while trimming close to the house, and then unplug it and use the battery for trimming all over your yard.

If you have fallen branches or unruly trees, a good chainsaw is a must at powering through those tough jobs. It also makes short work of cutting firewood for your wood pile so you are all set for those long nights by the bonfire.

An electric leaf blower lets you clear away those leaves you didn’t quite get to in the fall. It also helps clear grass clippings off your driveway and walkways so your entire yard looks polished and ready for spring and summer fun.


I hope this helps you get in the mood for getting your backyard ready for warmer weather and making it a place that you enjoy all spring and summer long. I’m looking forward to enjoying the benefits of all the hard work and spring cleaning to come. I know I can’t wait to get my hands in the dirt again and enhance my backyard.

I hope you make your backyard just the way you want it, no matter what size it is. Remember you are always welcome at Home with Heartland.

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