Keep Your Healthy Resolutions on Track with these Great Products

Happy New Year everyone! A brand new year is just beginning, and I hope to make the most of it. What resolutions have you made to start this year off right? The ones I’m hoping to maintain this year are probably similar to the ones you’ve made: get organized, live better, and get active. Thankfully Heartland America has a bunch of products to help us all keep our healthy resolutions. I’ve put together a few collections of items that will make those New Year’s resolutions easier to keep the whole year through.

Let’s start with getting in shape.

Gym’s can be expensive and intimidating, especially if you are not in the best shape. Heartland America has a great selection of exercise equipment so you can get in shape in the comfort of your own home.

Cardio Trainer Mini Trampoline, Standard Bench with 80 Lb. Weight Set, Cardio Mini-Cycle, Fan Stationary Bike

Both you and your kids will love having this Cardio Trainer Mini Trampoline. After months of being cooped up inside it’s wonderful to jump around with a fun aerobic workout. This mini trampoline comes stabilizing bar, durable construction, and folds up for compact and easy storage.

If strength training is more your style, the Standard Weight-lifting Bench from Marcy is perfect. It comes with 80 pounds of vinyl coated weights and comfortable foam rollers so you can work your leg muscles as well. This bench will give you a full workout without the gym membership.

For small spaces, there’s the Marcy Cardio Mini Cycle. This little machine packs a compact and portable punch to your workout. With variable resistance modes, timer, and rep counter, this is a fantastic fitness machine.

For those cyclists who are trapped inside by cold and ice, Marcy’s Fan Stationary Bike will keep you ready for cycling the rest of the year. The unique air resistance system of this bike increases the resistance the faster you pedal. So you can continually push yourself into a healthier you.


Now that you’ve started exercising, chances are that you will have some very sore muscles.

Heartland has some great solutions for aching bodies too.
Neck and Shoulder Massager, Copper Compression Socks, XTrim Molding Belt, Leg-O-Sage Pulse Massager, Back Pain Relief System

This Neck and Shoulder Massager from Prospera will melt away work stress and relieve sore overworked muscles. With 4 adjustable intensities and 3 automated programs, you can customize it for your ideal relaxing massage.

For your tired feet, try these Copper Infused Compression Socks.The socks compress around your legs to increase circulation and reduce swelling, pain, and fatigue. And the soft copper-infused fabric is comfortable enough to wear all day long.

Give your back the extra support it need to stay health with the XTrim Molding Belt from BeautyKo. This belt wraps around your midsection with a velcro closure to fit many different sizes and shapes. While it is supported your lower back, it also retains body heat while you exercise to help you get rid of extra water weight and calories.

Your legs are probably already tired from work and added an exercise routine may make them even more so. The Leg-O-Sage Pulse Massager will loosen up those tight leg muscles and help your legs feel refreshed and ready for what’s next. It’s completely portable so you can take it with you for welcome relief wherever your travels take you.

If your back is telling you that you may have pushed too hard, get some welcome relief with the Back Pain Relief System from iReliev. This belt style TENS system is easy to put on and provides therapy right where you need it. With 8 therapy modes and 25 levels of intensity, you can get as much or as little electric stimulation as you need.


Do forget that what you eat is just as important as exercising!

While eating out is convenient and frankly delicious, cooking healthy meals at home is not just better for you but for your wallet as well.

Wolfgang Pressure Oven, Fusion XCelerator Food Emulsifier, 6qt. Electric Pressure Cooker, Copper-Core Non-Stick Frying Pan, Emeril Air Fryer

I know you are busy and may not think you have time to cook healthy and delicious meal. But with a Pressure Oven from Wolfgang Puck, you can bake a delicious dinner seventy percent faster than a traditional oven. This countertop sized pressure oven is big enough for a whole chicken or a twelve inch pizza…not that you should be eating pizza too often. But it’s good to know, right? 😉

For those morning breakfast shakes and smoothies, a Fusion XCelerator Food Emulsifier will give you delicious, blended goodness every time. Whip up individual drinks right in the included travel cup with a lid. So you can grab and go without the mess of a big blender.

Another great way to cook healthy meals quickly is a Electronic Pressure Cooker. It has seven pre-programmed functions and a delay timer. So you can cook what you want at the right time and temperature. There is even a slow cooker option for all those Pinterest recipes you’ve been wanting to try.

Keep your food free of the harsh chemicals that can come from a traditional non-stick pan. Get a Copper-Core Non-Stick Frying Pan instead. The ceramic interior is naturally non-stick, dishwasher safe, and works on most stove tops and induction ovens.

If you are really craving fried food, why not try air frying with this Air Fryer from Emeril Lagasse? Air frying gives you that delicious crispiness without the fat and oil of deep frying. You can air fry practically everything you can deep fry. It just has to fit in the 3.2qt. frying basket. It’s amazing and much healthier which is a very good thing. 🙂

That is only a small sampling of all the great products over at Heartland America. Remember all product supplies are limited. So order yours today!

I hope your resolutions are going well so far. Even if you mess up sometimes, the most important thing to do is give yourself some grace and try again. I know can you do it!

Next week I will be bringing your a soft and cozy DIY for your winter wardrobe. Until then remember you are always welcome at Home with Heartland.


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