Monster Trick or Treat Bag DIY for a Kid Friendly Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner. I hope your family’s costumes are ready for trick or treating. I was thinking of a cute way for kids to collect candy. Many people use those plastic pumpkins, but those are just asking to be spilled all over the road. I want to avoid the tears and candy carnage; so I decided to make a better treat bag.¬†Your kids will love feeding candy to this friendly monster treat bag, and it is perfect for keeping candy safely inside.


This treat bag is cheap, easy, and quick to make. You can even involve the kids in making this little cutie. But I recommend you apply the hot glue for obvious reasons. ūüôā This also makes a¬†great kids project for a Halloween party.

To make this adorable monster treat bag for your kiddos, all you need is:


  • Small reusable bag
  • Black¬†stiff felt sheet
  • Red stiff felt sheet
  • Red soft felt sheet
  • White felt or foam sheet
  • Googly eyes
  • Hot glue gun with glue sticks
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Wire and pliers (optional)

It’s important that you use stiff sheets of felt for the mouth. Normal flimsy felt won’t hold it’s shape or hold the candy in the bag.

Now let’s get started.

This¬†step is optional. It¬†reinforces the top of the bag. I always try to make things that are durable and last a long time, even if I’ve spend under $10 on it. Crazy I know, but I love to embrace my quirks.¬†ūüėČ

If you wish to reinforce the top, cut a slit on the inside hem of the bag. Take care not to cut through the outside layer of fabric.


Double up wire the length of the bag’s opening. Twist the two wires together and feed them into the slit. Then you need to cut the wires a little shorter so that the wires will fit all the way inside the hem.

Repeat the steps from the other side hem. Now you are¬†ready to start making your candy monster’s mouth.


Start by measuring the opening of the bag. If the measures are kinda odd like 10 3/8, I recommend that you¬†round down not up. I rounded up and the mouth¬†hung over the ends more than I wanted. But I’m a perfectionist so I was a tad bit irked that it wasn’t perfect, but no one else noticed. Maybe it’s just me. ūüėõ

Take your measurement and mark out it on the sheet of stiff black felt. Mark an extra inch on the top and side and cut out the felt. This will give you a half inch allowance on all sides to attach the mouth to the bag.


Take the cut out piece and mark an inch in all the way around the inside. Cut the smaller rectangle out of the inside of the black felt. (Pictured above) Cut notches a half inch in on the corners to create clean edges when assembling the monster treat bag. Now you have an opening for the mouth.

Next you need to make the inside of the mouth out of stiff red felt.


Mark and cut out a rectangle that is the size of the bag’s opening. You don’t want to add an extra because the black felt will keep the mouth on the bag. In the center of the red felt, cut a zigzag line across the rectangle. Don’t cut the opening to the ends of the felt. This will keep the opening closed enough to protect¬†all the candy inside.

Next it’s time to create the monster’s teeth. You can use either a sheet of felt or foam. I prefer foam because it’s soft and won’t show the red felt underneath.


Using the red felt rectangle as a template, mark and cut out a rectangle of white foam. Place the black felt over the white foam and roughly sketch some teeth. Cut out top and bottom sets of teeth. I used the top set of teeth as a template for the bottom teeth. My drawing skills aren’t the best, but it helps the teeth look similar at least.

Now that all your elements are cut out, the monster’s¬†mouth¬†is ready to assemble.


Start by hot glueing the teeth to the red part of the mouth. Make sure your leave enough space between the teeth and the opening to the bag. You may need to trim some of the foam off. Then hot glue the black felt part to the rest of the mouth. You are very nearly done!

Now it’s time to attach the mouth to the bag. Start by marking and cutting out notches for the handles on both sides. If you don’t, the handles won’t really be useful and/or will pry off the mouth.


Before glueing, fold over that half inch allowance and crease all the way around. This makes it easier to line up the bag for glueing and gives a nice top edge to the bag. Apply hot glue to the black felt allowance, line up the hem and the straps of the bag, and press into place. (Pictured above) Repeat with the opposite side.

For the ends, apply hot glue to the allowance the fold the black felt over on itself. There will be a slight opening between the bag and the mouth, but it shouldn’t make a difference in candy collection. If you can glue it to the bag instead that’s great, but it’s tricky because of the tight candy keeper opening.

Either way, you can stop here and enjoy if you like. But adding a tongue and some googly eyes levels up the cuteness.


Fold the soft red felt in half, and roughly sketch a half tongue shape. Keeping the felt folded, cut out the shape. Remember to leaving a bit extra felt at the end to glue into the mouth. Apply a bit of hot glue to the end and press into the inside of the mouth. Hot glue as many large googly eyes as you like for your monster.

Now you have an adorable monster treat bag for your kiddos Halloween adventures.


The stiff felt is soft but will keep it’s shape as candy get shoved in and taken out. Because felt and foam comes in many colors, you can color coordinate your monster treat bag to your kid’s costume.

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