Give Thanks for Great Family Games with Printable Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle

So you have your table decoration plan, the dinner all set, and the rest of the house ready for Thanksgiving. The feast is all planned out, but what about after? Granted the turkey induced coma will keep your guests occupied for a while but if your family is anything like mine, Thanksgiving is an all day affair with leftovers offered later because there is always a mountain of food after the Holiday feast.

So instead of sitting around chatting in little groups, why not bring everyone together for some family fun?

Give Thanks for Great Family Game - with Printable Crossword

Here are a few games that can be enjoyed by the whole family throughout Thanksgiving Day.

This game is recommended for larger groups: making it perfect for extended family gatherings. It is a great game to break the ice and help new additions to the whole family get to know everyone better.

Split everyone into two teams: usually boys against the girls works best but that depends the ratio of your group. Everyone needs a place to sit and a couch that four people can sit on, but leave one of the spots on the couch open. You are going to want everyone to alternate sitting boy, girl, boy, girl or however you divide your group.

The object of the game is get four members of the same team on the couch (if you don’t have a large enough couch you could always sit four chairs close together and designate that as the “couch”).

Either have everyone write their name on a small slip of paper or write out everyone’s name for them. Make sure its legible because these slips are going to be passed around quite a lot. Fold all the slips and put them into a large bowl. Then have everyone take a name slip from the bowl without looking (it’s ok if you draw your own name).

Now no one tells the name that they’ve drawn because that’s their name for the time being.

The person to the right of the open seat calls out a name (just not the name they drew of course). The person who drew that name comes and sits in the empty seat and trades names with the person who called “their name”.

The cycle repeats with the person to the right of the empty seat calling out a name (they cannot call the name that was just called or the name that they are holding) until four of the same team end up on the couch. The trick is to remember who has whose name. So you’ll be calling your dad’s name to get your mom on the couch or your nephew’s name to get your grandpa off the couch. But be careful, if you call the wrong name you could end up giving the other team the opportunity to win it.

It’s very nice for those people who don’t know everyone yet because they can start out by calling names they know at the beginning and end up knowing everyone’s name at the end. Associating the correct names with the correct faces is something to overcome after the game ends 😉

Next is a game for any size group.


All you need is enough sheets of paper and pencils or pens to go around.

First everyone needs to write a sentence on the top of their paper. The sentence is up to them but urge everyone not to make it too long or too abstract.

Why? Because after the sentences are done, it’s time to pass all the sheets to the right. The next person has to draw what the sentence is without any words or letters.

So if someone writes “Sue loves chocolate pie better than anything else in the world.” The next person could try to draw Sue with a pie in a heart with the earth off to the side with a line through it.

Then the artist folds the paper so only the drawing can be seen and passes it again to the right.

Now the next person has to write a sentence of what the drawing means, without looking at the original sentence. Once they are done deciphering the picture, they fold it over for the next person to draw the meaning of the sentence they wrote.

And so it continues until the original author gets their sheet back or your run out of room on the sheet of paper. Then the original authors show what became of their sentence.

What started out as “Sue loves chocolate pie better than anything else in the world” could end up with “Pac-Man defeated his rival to marry the girl of his dreams”.

While it does depend a bit on the skill of the artists, the meaning still gets skewed and usually ends up as something completely different as the game goes on. And the more times the papers are passed around the more it changes and becomes hilarious. No one really “wins”, but everyone is given a really good laugh.

Here is a special treat for you. Whether your guests are patiently waiting for dinner to start or you are trying to decide which table goes first for dessert, this crossword will keep the Thanksgiving festivities going.

I hope you enjoy this Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle at your party. Don’t forget to print out the Answers as well!


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What are your favorite games to play at holidays? Leave a comment. I would love to hear about it!

All of us here at Heartland America hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Please remember you are always welcome at Home with Heartland. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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