Gift Ideas for Every Guy on Your List

Christmas time is upon us! I don’t know about you but it is my favorite time of year. Everything seems brighter and warmer and that’s not just because of the snow outside forcing me to snuggle up inside.

Giving people gifts that they love is one of my favorite parts of the season. I have lots of ideas for all the ladies on my list, but ideas for the guy’s gifts are not coming to me as easily.

So I decided to start at Heartland America and make some inspiration boards on the types of guys I need to buy for. I hope these boards help you out as well!

First, no doubt there’s an avid golfer guy somewhere on your gift list:


Collapsible Chipping Basket, 50 pack of Titleist Pro Golf Balls, Golf Organizer Trunk Locker, Deluxe Ball Shag Bag, PowerBilt Deluxe Golf Cart in Black, Indoor / Outdoor Swing Groover

With winter in full swing, golfers need to practice somewhere to keep their game sharp. The Collapsible Chipping Basket allows the golfer in your life to keep practicing their shots indoors and folds up for easy storage.

Even if they are a seasoned pro, there will still be some golf balls lost along the way. Help them stock up before hitting the course this spring with a 50 pack of Titleist Pro Golf Balls.

The Golf Organizer Trunk Locker will help keep things neatly organized and ready to hit the course at a moment’s notice.

Help your golf guy out by getting him the Deluxe Ball Shag Bag. Then he won’t have to continually bend down to retrieve his golf balls. You simply place the tube over the golf ball and press down firmly, the golf balls are then deposited into the attached bag.

He will love not having to carry his golf bag around when you get him the PowerBilt Deluxe Golf Cart. That way he can spend his energy on getting that hole in one and not on lugging his bag all over the course.

Right or left handed golfers will keep in excellent form over the cold winter months with the Indoor/Outdoor Swing Groover.


For guys who can’t get enough of the great outdoors, here are some ideas that they’ll love:

Charcoal Bubble Jacket with Hood, 8 x 32mm XM Series Binoculars with High Definition Optics, Magellan Explorist 110 Handheld GPS, The Bugout Bag in Black, 2 pack of 5W Tactical Flashlights, Itasca Saratoga Hiking Boots

Make sure he is nice and warm on those cold winter trails with a Charcoal Bubble Jacket.

With a great pair of binoculars, he will be able to keep his sights on the new paths and adventures ahead.

The Magellan Explorist Handheld GPS is perfect whether he enjoys Geocaching or just likes taking the path less traveled.

Hikers always need a pack that is as rugged as they are to withstand the wild outdoors. The Bugout Bag is a quality pack with rugged construction and plenty of room for hiking essentials.

When night falls, tactical flashlights are a must to keep his feet safely on the trail.

Don’t forget a good pair of hiking boots can mean the difference between a great hike and a miserable trudge through forest. Itasca Hiking Boots are lightweight, durable, and have good traction for slippery conditions.


If you have a man on your gift list that loves to hunt:

Gifts for Hunters
Camouflage Long Range Bugout Bag, Midland HD Action Cam, Hailey’s Optics 12-100x70mm Binoculars, 2 pack of 25-ounce Buckshot II Thermo Bottles, Men’s Ice Breaker Winter Boots

Make sure they can have all their supplies right where they need them with a rugged Camouflage Long Range Bugout Bag.

I am sure that the hunter on your list would love to show all his friends how he took down that great prize, the Midland Action Camera will record all his great shots in brilliant HD.

The Hailey’s Optics Binoculars will help him spot his prize with plenty of time to set up that perfect shot.

He is going to need some hot beverages while on his big adventure. The Buckshot II Thermo Bottles will keep things warm and ready for a quick break, even better that they look like shot gun shells.

His feet will stay nice and warm in Ice Breaker Winter Boots, he will definitely appreciate that when he is out on a frigid early morning.


Car guys can never have enough tools to help complete those big projects or just keeping their ride in tip top condition:

Gifts for Garage Guys
12V DC Impact Wrench, Creeper Seat Tool Box, Mobile Power Instant Boost-400, OBD II Diagnostic Scan Tool, 20 Gallon Parts Washer, Poly Pro Car Cover

He’ll be able to change out tires quickly and effortlessly with a 12V Impact Wrench.

Help him keep his shop neat and organized with a Creeper Seat Tool Box, a popular type of tool box even in professional garages.

Diagnosing car problems can be costly to pay someone else to do, but with the OBD II Diagnostic Scan Tool he will be able to determine what’s going on so he can fix it.

A Parts Washer will cut down his cleaning time so he can focus on the fun of tinkering and fixing up his ride.

After all the work he has spent on his ride, he will love a Poly Pro Car Cover to keep his pride and joy safe from the elements.


Finally we have a great selection of gift ideas that would make any geek guy happy:

Gift for Geeks
Vizio 28in LED Smart HDTV, Sharper Image Wireless Headphones, Toshiba DVD Recorder/VCR, iLive Wireless Music System with 7 inch Screen, Take 1 USB Slid-Out Digital Camera/Camcorder, Rechargeable Speakers for iPhone/iPod, Batman Watch

HDTV is an essential part of the geek life and with a Vizio Smart HDTV your geek guy will be able to catch up on all his shows right from the TV.

Getting your geek guy Wireless Headphones will let him immerse himself in his video games, and it will no longer sound like stormtroopers are invading your home.

For the old school geek or one that has a plethora of his favorite TV show recorded on VHS, get him a Toshiba DVD Recorder/VCR. He can transfer his vintage recordings to DVD and enjoy them like the good old days.

With the iLive Wireless Music System, he can enjoy his music and even watch DVDs on the road (while you or someone else is driving of course).

If your geek is into shooting video on the go then you need to get him the Take 1 Digital Camera/Camcorder, it’s slim design and 4X zoom lets him capture great videos wherever he ventures.

If you find him humming his own theme music, he’d love a pair of Rechargeable Speakers so that epic music can follow him anywhere.

Last, but certainly not least, he will geek out over the stylish Batman Wristwatch, and you can start working on his geek chic style one piece at a time.

I hope this helped you decide on what you are getting the guys in your life. Remember that Heartland America’s inventory changes all the time so please try to order quickly. If you miss out on something check around our store, you might find something even better.

Thank you for joining me for this special gift guide post for the guys in your life. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

Stay tuned for more Christmas fun! Remember you are always welcome at Home with Heartland.

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