Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Men Who Love to Work and Play in the Great Outdoors

Hello! I hope you and your family had a fantastic Memorial Day. It was an extra busy weekend for us. I just moved into a new house. As you can imagine, there are a plethora of things to do. When the sun is shining and the breeze is blowing, I escape the moving boxes and work on the new garden. My dad has been over quite a few times helping with everything. So moving hasn’t been so bad. But there’s still a lot to do and I want to show my appreciation to everyone helping out.

With Father’s Day coming up, I have a wonderful opportunity to express my gratitude for my dad. Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without him. While getting ready for Father’s Day, I put together a variety of products now available at Heartland America for all the outdoor loving dads out there.

First we have tools for dad’s who love doing projects around the house.

Father's Day 2018 - Tools
Simoniz Telescoping Wash Brush, Tornado Tools Cordless Grass Trimmer & Edger, Wagner Power Painter Pro, Koblenz 2-in-1 Pressure Washer

If he’s got some big boy toys, help dad keep them clean with this telescoping wash brush. Just connect the brush to a garden hose and fill the soap reservoir. The soap and water will mix so he can scrub away the dirt and grime from the boat, RV, or any other big boy toys. The pole telescopes to six feet for a thorough cleaning job. Now all his fun vehicles will be ready for the next adventure.

If painting is on dad’s summer to do list, give him a Wagner Power Painter Pro. The multi-directional tube will let him paint which even way he needs to. Three speed power control will help him reduce overspray. He will get professional results and get back to enjoying the summer.

Whether your yard is extra large or super small, string trimmers make it look so much better. With this electric string trimmer from Tornado Tools, dad can easily chop through weeds without deeding with gas or cords. The 18V rechargeable lithium battery gives this trimmer thirty minutes of powerful cutting time. It’s also lightweight so he’ll easily get the whole yard finished.

Don’t just get him a pressure washer. Get dad this Koblenz pressure washer and wet/dry vacuum. Power through messy jobs with the 1850 PSI pressure washer. Then finish up with the 1200W wet/dry vacuum and the variety of attachments. Be careful, dad might just start cleaning everything in sight.


Next these Father’s Day gifts are great for the camper and outdoorsman.

Father's Day 2018 - Camping
2 pack 40x Megalight Flashlights, Impecca 13.3″ Portable Swivel DVD Player, Cobra Two-Way Radios, Hercules 4-Burner Outdoor Propane Stove

Upgrade dad’s old flashlight with this pair of tactical flashlights from iTek. They are lightweight, compact, and waterproof. These LED flashlights are perfect for extreme trips or just having in a glove box. It might be purely practical, but dad will love it.

Rainy days can be so boring on camping trips. Dad can bring a bit of civilization with a portable DVD player. This DVD player has a thirteen inch swivel screen so the whole family can watch a movie together. It’s rechargeable battery has five hours of playtime. So you can save your cell battery for more important things.

Lack of cell reception won’t disconnect you from your dad while he’s out exploring. With this two pack of two-way radios from Cobra, dad can keep in touch with base camp. It even has a range of thirty-two miles. So dad hikes a little too far, you can hop in the car and give him a lift back to the site.

Give dad the convenience of a kitchen even when he’s roughing it. Four burners and a stainless steel body are ready to cook up a feast for hungry campers. The electronic ignition will keep dad safe while lighting the burners. Using standard propane canisters, this stove is perfect for your next outdoor cookout.


Finally golfers will love any of these great Father’s Day gifts.

Father's Day 2018 - Golf
PowerBilt Bump and Run Golf Chipper, Deluxe Ball Shagger Golf Accessory, TriLite Black/Green 3-Wheel Golf Bag Push Cart, Set of Powerbilt EX-550 Hybrid Golf Irons

If dad is looking for a superior golf chipper, check out the PowerBilt Bump and Run. The durable alloy head slices through turf. With a thirty-two degree loft, his golf ball will get just the right altitude. This is one club he’ll love having in his bag.

It’s a pain to keep picking up golf balls in a practice session. This ball shagger picks up golf balls from the ground. Then they safely deposited in a durable nylon bag. All dad has to do is place the tube over the golf ball and press down firmly. This clever gadget is sure to be envied by his golf buddies.

Help dad save his energy for the course with a golf bag cart. This push cart is compact and folds up for easy storage. Most golf bags will fit comfortably on the rack. With the adjustable straps, his gold bag will be safe and secure. It even has drink and umbrella holders. So he’ll be all set for the season.

Whether he is looking for a new set of golf irons or just wants to add to his collection, this set of hybrid irons is the perfect gift. The stainless steel heads are designed with a hollow cavity to enhance distance and performance. Each iron has a graphite shaft and custom velvet grip for comfort and durability. He will love showing these off on his next try to the green.

Those are my ideas for Father’s Day gifts. I hope they inspired you to get dad something he’ll love and use all the time. Supplies and time are limited so grab these great items while you can.

With summer in full swing, I hope you are able to enjoy it with your family. Next time I’ll be bringing you a last minute Father’s Day DIY that your kids will love to do. Until then have fun, stay safe, and remember you are always welcome at home with Heartland.

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