Add Rustic Charm to Your Easter Decor: DIY Nest Centerpiece

Happy Spring everyone! It is officially spring, and I can’t wait for the warmer temperatures. But we still have snow in Minnesota. A little snow can’t stop us hearty Minnesotans. If the snow hasn’t melted by Easter, we’ll just have to hunt eggs wrapped in plastic baggies like I remember doing as a child on several occasions. While I have to wait and see what the weather is up to, I can focus on making my Easter table beautiful. This year I wanted to make a centerpiece that was beautiful but didn’t overpower the table. Taking a cue from the birds I made a woven nest centerpiece.

Nest Centerpiece

This whimsical take on an avian home is a fantastic addition to any Easter decor. Transform a wire basket and an old book into this one of a kind celebration of spring. All you need is one weekend and a few basic craft supplies to create this charming DIY.

This is the list of what you will need to create your own nest centerpiece:

Supplies for the Nest Centerpiece

  • Wire basket (I found mine for two dollars at a local thrift store.)
  • Moss green yarn
  • Twine
  • An old book
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
  • Ruler
  • Utility knife
  • Scissors

And that’s all you need for this adorable DIY. The wire basket I found at my local thrift store for about two dollars. Yay! I also found the old books for cheap at the same store. I honestly thought I’d need more than one book, but one book is plenty.

To start this DIY, you need to cut the pages out of your old book. It’s easiest to remove the cover first then cut the pages from the binding. For the nest part I’d recommend using a metal ruler. Otherwise you might start shaving off the edge of your plastic ruler. If you have a metal ruler with cork backing so much the better. This keeps your ruler from sliding all around the page when you are cutting. These rulers are usually found in the drawing section of your location craft store.

Cutting book pages

Now that you pages are separated and you have your ruler ready, it’s time to start cutting. Taking a small stack of book pages, cut out thin strips of paper. At the printed sections, you can use the sentence above the one you are cutting out as a guide.

I decided to cut the whole page into small strips in case I need filler strips. But you can just cut out the printed part if you want to. I made a giant pile of paper strips, but you will probably only need a quarter to half of your book. A lap desk, green cutting mat, and a comfy chair are essential if you are cutting out the whole book. Trust me.

You have your paper strips for your nest. Now it’s time to start weaving your basket. I’d recommend a basket with wires that are pretty spread out. It’s easier to pass the twine and yarn through that way.

Weaving Nest

Tie the end of your twine to the basket and start weaving around the basket wires. The twine base adds stability and is a nice contrast in color. Once you woven yourself out of twine, tie the yarn to the end and continue weaving up the sides tying off the yarn at the top. Since I had those decorative scallops on top, I also wove the yarn around the top too. My basket also had an even number of wires to go around. To make weaving easier, I wove two of the closer wires together. Otherwise every other wire would have showed on the outside and would ruin the nest look.

With basket woven, you can start weaving the paper strips into yarn. Thread the strips of paper through the loops of the weave diagonally around the entire basket (see above). You can cover the basket as much or as little as you want with the book strips. It’s your nest so you should make it how ever you want it. I like to see the yarn and the individual strip, but maybe that’s just me. 🙂

Finally it’s time to make the rim. Be extra careful. It’s easy to get very hot glue on you while gluing your paper strips down. And that is quite painful. Trust me, I accidentally brush my fingers through piping hot glue several times.

Start by applying a generous amount of hot glue to the rim on the basket. Then careful take a little haphazard bundle of book strips and push them into the glue. For the best results, I varied the direction and position of the strips I pressed into the glue. Then you can take the ends of the longer strips and glue the end to the rim. So you have a nice little wave in the strip. Continue gluing bundles of paper strips and gluing the excess bits down. You should also weave newly glued down strips into the previously glued part. Keep things as curvy and three dimensional as you can for a true nest look.

After you have a nice full rim you can set up the nest centerpiece. You can place some nicely dyed eggs into the basket. Or you can add some height to your centerpiece with a plate and some rice.

Assembling Nest Centerpiece

Pour a good amount of rice into a gallon size resealable bag. Place the bag into the bottom of the nest. This provides a heavy, stable place for the rest of your centerpiece to rest. Place a plate on top of that. Add some candles and some more paper strips.

And voila! You have a charmingly rustic centerpiece for your Easter table.

Finished Nest Centerpiece

I used battery candles because of all that paper. But candles inside jars would be lovely. You don’t have to use candle at all. This nest could showcase a divinely delicious cake. Or you can line it with cloth napkins for rolls on a buffet. It’s really up to you on how you use this whimsical basket.

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Spring has officially sprung and warmer temps are on their way. I hope you all have a fantastic Easter with your family and friends. I’ll be back after Easter with another deliciously recipe. I’m really looking forward to this one. Until then have fun, stay safe, and remember you are always welcome at home with Heartland.

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