Vintage Book Planner with Free Printable Planner Pages – Repurposed DIY

Good day all! How was your Valentine’s Day? Mine was excellent and so very fun. I love spending time with my family. Now that Valentine’s is over it feels like things will get back to normal again…at least until Easter. I had wanted to share this DIY project with you back in January, but it wasn’t meant to be. With life returning to it’s usual level of busyness, this repurposed vintage book planner keeps things organized fabulously.

Repurposed Vintage Book Planner with Free Printable Planner Pages

I love that this repurposed project is completely customizable. You can make a one of a kind creation with a thrifted book, scrapbooking supplies and your imagination. Also I have designed some pages you can print out to fill your planner and keep your schedule organized year after year.

To make your own book planner, you will need:

Supplies for DIY Book Planner

  • A vintage book at least 6 inches x 9 inches
  • Printable planner pages – Weekly, Lists, Budget
  • Month tabbed pages
  • 3 – 2 inch binder rings
  • Hole punch
  • Utility knife
  • Adhesive – double sided tape, heavy duty glue stick, or spray adhesive
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Contact paper
  • Cardboard
  • Packing tape


  • Tabbed pages for other sections
  • Lined and/or graph paper
  • Stickers and whatever else you want 😀

Make this book planner entirely your own. You can even add envelopes to hold receipts and other things. I found quite a few small planner inserts at my local office supply store including lined and graph paper. In the planner I made, I have sections for each month and separate sections for blogging ideas, finances, designs, and more.

To begin your book planner, start by modifying and embellishing the month tabbed pages.

For this tutorial I used double sided tape, but you can also use a heavy duty glue stick or spray adhesive.

Apply the tape or other adhesive to one side of the tabbed page, especially along the edges. Take a piece of scrapbook paper and adhere it to the page. If you line up the tabbed edge with an edge of the scrapbook paper you will only need to cut out three sides. And you won’t have to cut around the tab. Punch out the holes for binding the planner together.

Repeat with the process on the back of the tabbed page. Now you can leave it plain but I recommend decorating it with stickers, tape, and whatever else you want. For my book planner, I created a different look for each month based on holidays or colors associated with that month. Each month is a joy to fill now!

Now that the months are finished, it’s time to get the planner pages ready.

The printable planner pages are designed printed out on 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper without any scaling.

Fold the planner page in half. Using either a tabbed page or premade planner page, mark where each hole needs to be opposite from the fold. Punch out each hole, and you have a planner page ready to go.

With month tabs and planner pages ready, it’s time to repurpose your vintage book into the cover for your book planner.

Thrift stores are great places for vintage hardcover books. Remember to remove the book jackets while you are browsing through the stacks. The lovely book I used was hiding behind a most unfortunate book jacket. So remember not to judge a book by it’s jacket. 🙂

To remove the book’s pages, cut along the hinge between the cover and the pages at the beginning and end of the book. Then carefully remove the pages or “book block”. Next line up a tabbed page with the edges of the book. Turns out my book was a bit on the small side so I had to use some of the spine as well. Because the spine is much thinner than the cover, I did reinforce it (shown below). Next mark where holes are needed and punch them out on both the front and back covers.

As I mentioned previously, my book was a little small. So I needed to reinforce it so the binder rings and pages wouldn’t tear out.

This also give the book a nice finished look. If your book doesn’t need reinforcing, you don’t have to add the layer of cardboard.

Cut out two pieces of cardboard about 1 to 1½ inches wide and just under the length of your book. You also need to cut two pieces of contact paper at least 3 to 4½ inches wide and an inch longer than your book.

Fold the contact piece in half lengthwise. Then carefully peel the backing from half of the contact paper. Adhere the peeled half of the contact paper to the front of the cover. Then punch holes out of the contact paper through the holes already in the cover. On the inside of the cover, place a cardboard strip. You need to line it up with the back edge of the cover. Peel the rest of the backing off the contact paper. Press contact paper onto the inside cover: completely covering cardboard. Trim off the extra contact paper on the inside of the cover at the top and bottom. Then fold the contact paper fold onto itself at the top and bottom. This will give it a nice finished edge all around. If your contact paper wants to pull away from the cover, you can use some clear packing tape to make it stick. Punch holes through the cardboard and contact paper for the binder rings. Repeat the steps with the other cover.

All you need to do now is put everything in order and thread three binder rings through the holes.

Your nazzy vintage book planner is ready to keep your life in order.

Finished Vintage Book Planner

Isn’t it so fun! I am really loving my new planner. It’s pretty, functional, and handmade, which ticks all the boxes for me. I also added more tabs to organize everything stumbling around in my head. Which is quite a lot of stuff. This book planner is perfect for organizing your entire life or just to keep your month in order. Make yours today and creatively de-stress and keep track of your schedule.

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I hope you will pencil in some time to relax in your new repurposed book planner. Next week I will be bringing you a hearty soup recipe to keep you warm through this unusual winter. Until then remember you are always welcome at Home with Heartland.


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