4th of July Flair: DIY American Flag Infinity Scarf

Happy (nearly) 4th of July! This year it’s a little odd that the 4th is on a Tuesday. But it certainly doesn’t damper Independence Day activities; it just makes the fun last longer. 😀 I’m looking forward to the fun, food, and fireworks. There are some fantastic fireworks displays around Minnesota. The ones on and around the lakes are especially beautiful. There’s nothing quite like picnicking with your family and having a great time while waiting for the fireworks to start. As we head out to the festivities this year, I wanted to add a patriotic flair to my outfit. I love scarves, but the middle of summer is not the time to add something warm around your neck. So I created a light infinity scarf with jersey knit fabric that looks adorable. It turned out so well I wanted you to be able to make your own Independence Day accessory too.

American Flag Infinity Scarf DIY

Since this light knit fabric is prevalent in most summer fashion, it makes a perfect scarf during the already hot days. The only sewing on this scarf is to attach the adorable buttons. In one afternoon, you can create your own fun infinity scarf for your Independence Day celebrations.

To make your own infinity scarf you will need:

Supplies for American Flag Infinity Scarf

  • ½ yard of soft jersey knit fabric in red, white, and blue
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Fabric marking chalk
  • 5 wooden star buttons
  • Silver Mylar tape
  • Needle
  • Thread

Now you can re-purpose red, white, and blue t-shirts, but your scarf will be shorter. That might not be a bad thing, but I like my scarves nice and long. I love the star buttons on my scarf, but they aren’t necessary. It is an adorable touch though.

So let’s start this cute and patriotic infinity scarf. Start by folding the fabric in half with salvage edges together. Fold in half again lengthwise so that the salvage edges lay over the folded edge.

Cutting Fabric Flag Stripes

Make marks 2½ inches wide along the salvage/folded edge, middle, and top of the fabric. Cut fabric into 2½ strips. You will need 7 red, 6 white, and 7 blue fabric strips.

Pair the red and white strips together so you have 6 pairs. One of the pairs will actually have 3 strips since there are 13 stripes on the American flag. This symbolizes the thirteen original colonies, but I digress.

Braiding Flag Infinity Scarf

Fold 6 of the blue strips in half. Tie each red and white pair to one of the six blue pieces at the halfway fold. Group the joined strips into pairs as well (pic above). Then you can start braiding the blue strips together.

Once you have braided a bit, cut the last strip of blue fabric in half. Tie one half at the top of the braid and wrap around knotted fabric strips to hide them. After securely wrapped, tie fabric strip ends together and weave in the ends.

Continue to braid to near the ends of the blue strips. Then separate the red and white strips into pair again. Tie each pair to the ends of the blue strips. Take the other half of the seventh blue fabric strip and secure the braid. Repeat the wrapping process around the knotted ends like before.

You could stop at this point and have an awesome infinity scarf. Or you could add a bit of bling and meaning by adding 5 stars for the fifty states.

Start by sticking the wooden star buttons to the silver Mylar tape. Cut a square-ish section of tape around each star. Make cut toward the center at each point and indent of the star. Next fold the tape up over the edges. Trim off the excess tape at the points and the back: leaving enough to overlap a bit on the back. Fold the tape over the back. Trim off any overlapping tape that shows from the front. Punch your scissors through the tape into the buttonholes.

Repeat the process until you have 5 shiny stars since you can’t fit fifty stars on the infinity scarf. You could also paint the wooden buttons with silver paint, but I love the Mylar because it looks like shiny metal without the sharp points.

Sewing on Stars

Now just sew the stars on equally across the blue fabric braid. You don’t have to sew through the entire scarf: just a couple strips of fabric. Staggering the star gives a nice look, but you can also line them up if you like.

And you are all done!

Finished American Flag Infinity Scarf

Doesn’t it look fabulously patriotic? I really love how this turned out. You can wear it long or doubled up. It’s adorable anyway you wear it. 😀 I’m definitely going to be celebrating in this infinity scarf over the Independence Day holiday.

Another great way to celebrate America is have your own flag and flag pole. Over at Heartland America, there is a great deal on the Fly-Right flag pole kit that includes an American flag.

Fly-Right Flag Pole Kit available at Heartland America

This sixteen foot flag pole in made of heavy duty vinyl and installs in just minutes. It features an unique design that allows the flag to rotate freely to keep it from wrapping around the pole. The America flag that is included to three feet by five feet which is a great size for any yard. Head over the Heartland store while supplies last and show your dedication for helping to make America the best it can be.

I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July holiday with your family and friends. Just to let you know, the blog will be going to an every other week schedule. If you like the blog please leave a comment below and visit HeartlandAmerica.com. Also make sure to come back for more fun coming up this summer. Until then remember you are always welcome at Home with Heartland.


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