Coffee Maker Product Review: Ninja Coffee Bar

Hello everyone! Today I’m trying a new kind of post: a product review. I was able to bring home a sample product to try out from Heartland America. In the name of disclaimers and complete honesty, these will be my honest, personal opinions and are not necessarily the views of Heartland America. This post is solely sponsored by Heartland America; the manufacturer of Ninja products is not affiliated with this post in any way. Ok now that that’s done we can move on to the review.

Today I am taking a closer look at the Ninja CF081 Coffee Bar coffee maker. First thing to note is that this coffee maker only takes loose coffee grounds. Sorry no pods or k-cups here. But that does mean you can make a full pot of coffee as well as a single cup or travel size mug.

First things first, I do really like the design on this coffee maker. The carafe and coffee maker create a nice hourglass shape. There’s a stop drip feature on the maker which I love. That way the very last drops of coffee won’t get on the warmer when you take out the carafe. Behind the carafe, there is a little foldable tray for making a single cup. Otherwise it would splash all over the place, which is definitely not good. I’m sorry I don’t have pictures of making a single cup of coffee. But I do think it is a nice idea to combine the carafe coffee maker with a single cup.

There’s only one thing about the look of this coffee maker that’s a little off for me: the ribbed water tank. It’s a really nice refillable water tank that can twist off and be refilled at the sink. There’s also a hand grip built into the tank which helps…But the ribbing doesn’t look as sleek and modern as the rest of the coffee maker. Maybe it’s just me, but I think a clear solid surface on the water tank would look better.

Anyways let’s make some coffee. The filter is reusable so you don’t need any paper filters which is really nice. It also comes with a coffee scoop (as shown below).

I actually do have a tough time determining how much coffee grounds I need to make coffee. It’s why I like baking more than cooking (if you haven’t noticed 😉 ). I like things to be exact. Directions are my friend…usually. I can stray from recipes a bit but I do love precise measurements. That’s why I really enjoy the coffee scoop that is included with this maker. It’s twin scoops with pictures of how much coffee you are going to make and the corresponding scoops you will need to make said coffee. Really nice and straight forward. Gold star for that idea.

Once you’ve put in the grounds, placed the filter into the machine, and filled up the water tank, you can select your desired amount of coffee. There are 4 settings: cup, travel, half (carafe), and full (carafe). Then you select the type of brew: classic brew, rich brew, over ice brew, and specialty brew. If you want you can set a delay on the brewing cycle and it even has a cleaning cycle. Very spiffy. 😀

I decided to stick with the classic brew making a full carafe of coffee. It’s been a while since I have made a full pot of coffee so I cannot tell you if it was fast or slow. It seemed like it took the usual amount of time though. The carafe was very nice and poured cleanly. So overall a good coffee making experience, and my house smelled really good. 🙂

This coffee maker also comes with a separate milk frother. It can froth hot or cold milk and looks like a french press to me. But it worked really well.

I actually had a lot of fun with this. The instructs say to pump the frother like five times but it does need more pumps than that. You can actually get the milk very thick to the point where you need a spoon to get it out. It’s quite amazing and very fun to do. 😀

Overall this is a very good coffee maker. It looks nice and doesn’t take up a lot of space on the counter. You can select the size of coffee you want from single cup to full carafe. The extra features on this machine are really handy and simple to use. The frother is a joy to use. I kind of want to try frothed milk in cereal now. Well it’s an idea. 😀

All in all I would recommend the Ninja Coffee Bar to people who love coffee and/or enjoy having people over. They can have a single cup in the morning and make an entire carafe for their dinner guests in the evening. This would also make a great gift. Supplies are limited so head over to to pick up your own Ninja Coffee Bar. Also get a head start on your Christmas shopping by checking out the wide variety of items available right now at Heartland America.

I hope you enjoyed this new kind of post. Please let me know what you think in the comments. I will be taking Thanksgiving off to spend with my family. The next time I see you, I will be bringing you a yummy recipe for Christmas time. It’s so crazy how time is flying by. Until then stay warm and safe and remember you are always welcome at Home with Heartland.

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