Thrift Store Makeover – Chic Picnic Basket DIY

Not only is Father’s Day this Sunday, but International Picnic Day is this Saturday! So why not celebrate them both with a fun picnic for Father’s Day. Ok so a Father’s Day Picnic, great idea right? Just one small problem…I don’t have a picnic basket. I don’t want one of those tiny baskets either because it doesn’t leave room for a blanket or more than two beverages. So I do what I usually do, head to the thrift store to find one. While I didn’t find a picnic basket, I found what I need to make a picnic basket just the way I want.

Chic Picnic Basket DIY

Just by using a bit of spray paint and some belts you can turn a bland but nice sized basket into a charming addition to any picnic.

To create a chic picnic basket for yourself, you will need:

  • Medium to Large sized Basket
  • 2 Belts (long enough to go around the basket)
  • Black Spray Paint
  • Black 1/2 inch Screws
  • Cordless Drill
  • Heavy Duty Scissors
  • Awl (if necessary)

Basket and Belts

I recommend getting a basket with side handles for carrying. If you try to carry it by the belts, you may stretch out the belts or even pull the belts off.

The first thing you need to do is spray paint the basket. Granted, if you really like the wicker color then you can leave it as is and skip ahead.

Spraying Paint the Picnic Basket

If you are going the spray paint route, you will need to spray the paint from at least three angles. Because of the basket’s weave the paint wouldn’t get in all the spaces if you just spray it from one direction.

You can spray the inside as well, but I found that if you cover it from different angles you don’t have too. I would recommend spraying the inside of the lid so it’s nice and pretty when you open it.

Once the paint is dry, it’s time to attach the belts for that vintage chic look.

Start by determining where you want the buckle on the picnic basket. I started by attaching the buckle end of the belt to the body of the basket instead of the lid. The buckles might hit something or someone when you open the lid and that would not be good.

Next drill the screws through the belt and into the bottom rim. It’s the thickest so it will hold the screws nicely. I used two small screws because it re-enforces the belt and I like the look.

Continue wrapping the belts and drilling the screws into the bottom edges and the top front edge of the picnic basket.

It’s shaping up nicely, but if your belts are a little long, like mine, you need to trim them.

Taking heavy duty scissors, cut the top of belt strap a couple of inches from the bottom of the basket. (Like in the second photo) Getting a nice rounded edge is tricky, so I cut the belt straight across and then trimmed the corners for a roundish look.

If you need a new notch in the belt, thread the strap through the buckle and mark out where you want a notch with an awl. Unthread the strap and carefully push the awl through the belt to create the hole. If your belt is thicker, you may have to use a hammer and pound the awl through the belt. Use a wooden block underneath the belt for a hard surface to pound on – it will also make it easier to remove the awl after you’ve made the hole.

And that’s it! You have your very own chic picnic basket.

Finished Chic Picnic Basket

It’s a perfect summer afternoon DIY. Not only is it pretty but also very functional. When you aren’t using it for picnics, it’s a stylish way to store things like blankets, crafts, and toys.

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to having a wonderful family picnic. The only thing I really don’t like about the outdoors in general are the bugs. Right now Heartland America has a portable screened gazebo from Gazelle. It’s quick and easy to set up and take down which makes it ideal for picnics, camping, or just afternoons spent in the backyard.

Portable Gazebo available at Heartland America

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I hope you all have a great and safe Father’s Day this weekend. From all of us here at Heartland America, Happy Father’s Day! Get out there and enjoy the beginning of Summer! And remember you are always welcome at Home with Heartland.


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