Weekend Family Fun: DIY Bubble Wand and Bubble Recipe

Hello! Are you looking forward to this Memorial Day weekend as much as I am? Hopefully your family can enjoy this three day weekend together. Also remember to spend some time honoring the brave men and women who have sacrifice so much for us. If the weather cooperates, I suggest taking a picnic basket and enjoying the outdoors. While you are soaking up the sun, keep your kids entertained with bubbles. This week I created a bubble wand and some bubble solution you can enjoy with your family.

Bubble Wand DIY

Using a dowel rod and some cotton yarn, you can create a wand for making lots of bubbles. The single handed design makes it easy to walk around and create bubbles. Creating a web of loops in your bubble wand makes it easier to create bubbles. Which makes this project great to do with your kids. And they will have a blaster making bubbles with their own bubble wand.

For the bubble wand you will need:

Supplies for Bubble Wand DIY

  • Long ½ inch dowel rod
  • Cotton yarn
  • Plastic rings
  • Split ring
  • Zip tie

That’s all you need. I found the little plastic rings in the knitting section of my local craft store. You could also find similar rings in the upholstery or curtain supply section. The plastic rings are nice because you don’t have to worry about rust when you store your bubble wand until next play time.

Making the wand is very simple. First measure and cut a long piece of yarn about 35 inch doubled up. String on the split ring. You can do it later, but it’s much easy at this point.

Making a Bubble Wand

Next string a plastic ring on to the yarn. Since this ring will slide around you want to make sure the ring doesn’t fall off the end of the rod. Stretch the strand of yarn from the center of the rod to near the end and knot ring into place. Knot the ends of the yarn to the other plastic ring. Slide both rings onto the rod. Stretch the short piece of yarn between the rings along the dowel and secure the ring near the middle of the rod. (Shown above.)

For even more bubbles, you need to create a web of yarn.

Making Bubble Wand part 2

Cut yarn twice as long as the top of your loop. Knot on one side and make another knot on the top strand creating a loop. Create another loop in the middle by swagging the yarn and tying off toward the end of the top strand. Swag and tie off on the side to finish the row of loops.

Repeat the steps to make a couple more rows of loops. Once you have a lot of loops for bubbles, trim off the extra yarn.

And your wand is done! I recommend rinsing the yarn and leaving it to dry stretched out. Yarns tend to have a twist in them. If the twist is too tight, the yarn will twist together. So bubbles could pop as the yarn untwists.

Now you need some bubble solution to go with your wand.

Finished Bubble Wand and Bubbles

For the bubble solution you will need:

  • 2½ cups hot water
  • 1 cup liquid dish soap
  • ½ cup corn syrup

Pour hot water into a large mason jar. Next add the dish soap and corn syrup and stir to combine. You don’t want to shake it or stir vigorously. Save all those bubble for your family picnic. 😀 I recommend making the bubble solution ahead of time. And it will keep very nicely in a mason jar.

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I hope you all have an awesome Memorial Day with your family and friends. Get outside and enjoy the sun before the bugs come to call. Next week I’m bringing some fantastic ideas for Father’s Day gifts. Until then remember you are always welcome at Home with Heartland.

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