Bird Seed Bagels DIY for the Backyard Birdwatcher

The weather has been cold and unpredictable as it always is during a Minnesota winter. Although it is a frozen tundra outside, life still goes on and braving the cold is an everyday challenge. I have to admit that it does look lovely and curling up with a hot tea while watching as the birds and other wildlife scamper about is quite relaxing. Full bird feeders and a variety of bird houses around the yard keep a wide variety of activity in the backyard.

February is actually National Bird Feeding Month, so I thought why not make something for my wild feathered friends this week? So searching the web and my library of craft books, I was inspired to create Bird Seed Bagels.

Bird Seed Bagels DIY

This DIY is easy, cheap, and 100% of it can be used by the birds.

So if you want to make some bird seed bagels for your backyard DIY all you need is:

Supplies for Bird Seed Bagels

  • Bird seed
  • Peanut Butter
  • Bagels
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Bowl
  • Knife or spoon for mixing and spreading

Mix about 2 parts bird seed to 1 part peanut butter in a bowl.

Mixing Bird Seed and Peanut Butter

Keep mixing the peanut butter and seeds together until thoroughly combined. It takes a little work because the seeds don’t really want to mix together at first but it all needs to stick together.

Next scoop out some of the mixture onto each half of the bagel and spread it out evenly.

Spreading the Peanut Butter Mixture on the Bagel

Once you have spread the mixture on all the bagels, all you need to do is tie a piece of yarn around the bagel and hang it on a tree branch or bird feeder. You don’t have to worry about removing the yarn after the bagels are gobbled up. Because the birds can use the yarn to make a nest in the spring.

Finished Bird Seed Bagels

Incidentally squirrels also enjoy eating these bird seed bagels. If you hang them on a flexible branch, you can sit back and watch the squirrels attempt to get the bagels.

Another great way to keep birds coming to your backyard is putting up bird houses. Especially during the winter months, finding solid and safe shelter is a priority for all wildlife. Heartland America has a variety of Martin bird houses in stock right now so you will be ready when the Purple Martins return this spring.

Martin Houses from Heartland America
Great 8 Family Martin House, Heavenly Haven Martin House, American Barn Martin House

Purple Martins are graceful and have a lovely singing voice. Most Martins use specially designed houses for nesting like the ones we offer. That may be because they are competing with Starlings for nesting space. They are mostly found in the central and eastern regions of the United States during the summer and in South America in the winter. They mostly catch their food in flight. So visiting bird feeders aren’t really their thing, but they reduce flying insects which is great for your backyard. If you want to learn more about purple martins and other birds that might frequent your backyard check out:

Do you have any tips or recipes for feeding the birds in your yard?

I hope your backyard is filled with fun wildlife to watch and learn about. Remember you are always welcome at Home with Heartland.


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