Adorable No Sew Plaid Cuff Candle Holder

It’s already November!  From now until Thanksgiving we will be focusing on how to make it extra special with DIY decor, recipes, and entertaining tips and tricks.

Perfect Fall DIY Candle Holder. Simply adorable!

Today I’ll be showing you how to make a darling, plaid cuff candle holder that’s easy to make, no sew, and inexpensive. You may already have most everything you need at home.

The supplies you need for a plaid candle holder are:
  • Plaid shirt with cuffs
  • Glass jar or small vase
  • 1 yard of twill tape or 1 inch ribbon (this can be purchased from your local fabric store for under $2 a yard)
  • 1 yard or inexpensive spool of 5/8 or 1/2 inch black satin ribbon
  • Tea light
  • Scissors

Plaid Candle Holder Supplies | Home with Heartland


First cut along the cuff where it joins the sleeve. This will give you a nice finished looking edge. If your jar is a bit taller, you can cut more of the sleeve off with the cuff so the tea light is covered at the bottom.

Cutting the Cuff | Home with Heartland

Next button the cuff around the jar with the finished edge around the bottom of the jar. Looking cute already, but it’s quite not done yet.

Buttoned Up Cuff | Home with Heartland

Next comes the ribbon. Place the two ribbons around the top of the jar, one on top of the other. This will cover up that cut edge, keep the cuff on, and give the whole thing a polished look.

Lining up the Ribbons | Home with Heartland

Begin the bow right above the buttoned up part of the cuff. Since we are using two ribbons, one on top of the other, this gets a little tricky because we want to see both the ribbons throughout the bow. Here’s how I made mine:

How to Tie the Bow | Home with Heartland

Then carefully tighten the bow and fluff out the loops a bit for a nice full look. Finally adjust the ribbons all the way round the jar and tighten as needed.

Trim the ribbons at nice little angles, and there you have it! An adorable little candle holder for your Thanksgiving table or a fun gift for your hostess.

Finished and Adorable Plaid Cuff Candle Holder | Home with Heartland

With two cuffs on a shirt and if there is enough ribbon left, you can make another matching one if you have another jar.

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