Enhance Your Summer Staycation with 3 Hammock Hacks

Hello! I hope you all are having a fun summer. It’s been a very hot, humid, and rainy summer here in Minnesota. But there has been a couple of beautiful days to enjoy the sunshine. For those of us who aren’t planning a vacation this summer, it is especially important to make the most of those perfect days. That’s right. There will be no vacation for me this summer. But there is something I’m beginning to plan for next year. This year I’ll enjoy a relaxing staycation at home. Since I want to save money for a bigger vacation, I’ll make the most of what I already have. Therefore I decided on 3 hammock hacks to savor my relaxation time.

3 Hammock Hacks

These three hacks are quick, easy, and great for any size hammock. First you won’t lose your book or your place in it with a cute book strap hack. Second you make a drink holder to keep your favorite iced beverage close and keep it from spilling. Finally the pillowcase brings it all together while keeping your pillow in place. With these hacks you can just relax and better enjoy your invaluable lounge time.

First we’ll make the book strap. The supplies you need for this pretty book holder are:

Book Strap Supplies

  • Cotton yarn
  • Ribbon in your choice of colors (or color)
  • Elastic headband
  • 3 Split rings
  • 2 Carabiners
  • Scissors

That’s it. Really simple right? I used three different colors of ribbon, but that’s completely up to you. I did use cotton yarn in the braid for some added strength, but you don’t have to do that.There are some heavier books in my library so I wanted to be prepared. 😀 You also might notice that I switched the position of the carabiners in the photos below. The bigger one didn’t fit in the pillowcase grommet; so I had to switch them out.

Now we can make this cute book strap. First thread the headband onto the ring using the split part. The headband will hold the book and keep your place in the story. Since it’s elastic it will adjust to your book of choice. Place a carabiner on the ring and it’s read to attach to the rest of the strap.

Hammock Book Strap DIY

Next cut lengths of each ribbon and the cotton yarn about the length of your forearm or longer. You don’t want the strap to be annoyingly short while you are reading. But you also don’t want it to be too long dragging your book on the ground if you drop it.

Holding the ribbon and yarn ends together knot them onto a split ring. Then simply braid the ribbons and yarn. For added strength I threaded the yarn through the split ring and then knotted the ribbon around it. Then I wrapped my yarn in one of my ribbons as I braided it. That way you still get the strength, but you can’t see the yarn.

Braid the strap to the length you want and knot the end on to another split ring. Cut the excess off. You can leave longer tails on the ribbons if you want a pretty look. I also knotted the cotton yarn right at the knot between the ribbon tails. Then I cut off the extra yarn. The yarn knot is concealed by the ribbon tails. But you can skip the yarn altogether. It depend on you and how heavy your books are.

Attach a carabiner to one end and attach the book carabiner to the other. Now you have a pretty book strap for your hammock. Using the carabiner you can attach it anywhere on the hammock. But attaching it to the hammock pillowcase ensures that you will take it with you after a relaxing afternoon.

Next you will need these supplies for the drink holder:

  • Cotton yarn
  • Small plastic planter
  • Split ring
  • Carabiner
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch

This hack is even easier, but it may require some muscle. As thin as the little plastic planter is, it still took some work to get the hole punch to go through. If you worried that your planter might be too tough, you can use a soldering iron. This tool does get hot enough to melt plastic. So you need to be careful. Also be warned that it does smell awful when you are burning through plastic.

One more note, I used cotton yarn here too because it is durable, strong, and won’t stretch. It will also last better outside if you forget your drink holder on the hammock.

To start carefully punch four holes in your plastic planter equal distance apart around the rim.

Hammock Drink Holder DIY

Then cut four lengths of cotton yarn about twenty inches long. Next tie the yarn onto the planter through the holes. You want to make sure that you have equal lengths of yarn on either side of your knot. Then knot the yarn ends from two of the holes together. Also knot the ends of the opposite holes together. Thread the two tied loops onto a split ring and attach a carabiner onto the ring. Now you have a self balancing drink holder for your hammock. Just clip it on to the side of your hammock or the pillowcase below, and you’ll have it handy for a day of resting in the shade.

Finally for the hammock pillowcase you will need:

  • Old pillowcase
  • 2 Carabiners
  • Cotton cord (like a clothesline cord)
  • 2-4 Split rings
  • 4 Grommet sets
  • Grommet setter
  • Hammer
  • Scissors

This hammock hack is also very simple. But it does require hammering the grommets in place. So you will need a solid, sturdy surface like the driveway, retaining wall, or other resilient surface. Just make do with what you have. 😀

First thing to do in this hammock hack is to cut the cord the length of your pillowcase. Knot the cord to a carabiner at each end. This will make the cord shorter than the pillow, but that’s what you want. The pillow will stay at the top of your hammock if there isn’t excess cord. You may even want it shorter, but start with that for now.

Then you need to cut a very small hole in each corner of the pillowcase. Set the grommets in each of the holes according to the instruction that come with your setter. Clip the cord carabiners to the top grommets. If you have carabiners the won’t fit in the grommets attach split rings to these grommets.

Thread split rings onto the bottom rings so you can attach the cup holder and book strap. If you are having trouble threading the split rings, I’d recommend using a coin or something to wedge between the ring. Then you can lever the ring apart using the coin.

Now just set up your special spot. With one end of the cord attached to the pillow, pass the cord under the hammock and clip it onto the pillowcase grommet on the other side. Clip the drink holder onto one of the bottom grommets and the book strap onto the other. Now you are ready to relax.

Hammock Hacks for Relaxing

Yeah, this is so nice. *sigh* With a comfy quilt, a good book, and an iced beverage, it’s summer relaxation at its best. You can’t quite beat it on a breezy day. It really is a wonderful way to spend those beautiful summer afternoons. And you can adjust these hack to fit your hammock. That is what’s so nice about using carabiners; you can clip them to just about anywhere. I am definitely looking forward to enjoying my staycation with these hammock hacks.

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I hope you and your family take time to have a staycation that is both fun and relaxing. Summer might be half over, but I hope you make the most of it. Have fun and stay safe. Until next time remember you are always welcome at home with Heartland.

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