Snack Stadium DIY for Hungry Sports Fans

In just under 2 weeks, football players will be taking the field for the last time this season. Homes will be packed with friends and family to cheer on the players or just to enjoy the commercials. Whether your party is full of football fans or casual commercial viewers, a fully stocked snack table is an absolute must and the more the better. But if your home is anything like mine, space is at a premium, and I’m a big fan of making everything I do as cool or cute as possible. So in order to utilize space and coolness, I decided to make a Snack Stadium.

Snack Stadium DIY

If you have perused the web for football party inspiration, I’m sure you have come across those amazing (practically scale model) snack stadiums. I loved the idea, but I didn’t have quite that much space…or patience. Also it seemed difficult to actually grab the treats because you have to reach over the sides of the stadium. I made mine a sort of half stadium or even more like bleachers. It is so much easier to snack from and refill because watching the big game is usually an occasion to graze throughout the day. If you can get your friends and family away from the TV during the big game, kudos to you! For the rest of us who can’t tear ourselves away, much less our family, then snacking is the only viable option.

The stadium turned out great and will be perfect for my big game party. If you are looking for a fun way to display your game day snacking extravaganza, you can make one for yourself. Let me show you how.

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Treat for the Big Game: Bacon Snack Mix

With just a little over three weeks till the Big Football Game, it’s time to get a snack plan in place. Whether you are having a house full of football fanatics or just a couple friends to enjoy the show, snacks are the easiest way to keep your family and friends fueled for the big game.

Luckily I’ve come across a great snack mix in my great grandmother’s recipe box.

Bacon Snack Mix...yummy!

Bacon Snack Mix…yep the classic snack mix with a delicious bacon twist.

I personally love bacon. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t. Supplying your hungry football fans with bacon-y goodness might just get you your own cheering section, especially from the guys in the crowd.

So let’s get cooking before the big game begins.

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Organize with DIY Style: From Lamp to Jewelry Organizer

Organize with Style: Jewelry Organizer Lamp DIY | Home with Heartland

Going through my bedroom the other day cleaning and organizing, I was doing pretty well making everything spiffy until I reached the top of my dresser. The top of my dresser is not only a catchall but also is where my jewelry resides. I have a lot of cheap but cool and beautiful costume jewelry and I do love it. But it tends to end up scattered all over the top of my dresser, in the bathroom, and on various tables all over my home.

In the spirit of my New Year’s resolution, I decided to create a dual purpose jewelry organizer lamp. Yep, a lamp that is also an organizer for jewelry.  I live in a small home, so things need to either be multifunctional or hold copious amounts of stuff. I’m sure you can relate that life requires a lot of stuff, especially as a woman.

It didn’t just need to hold a lot of jewelry and provide light to my bedroom; it also needed to look good and not be expensive to make. Heading to the thrift store and the hardware store, I was able to make this jewelry organizer lamp for under $25. If you have an old lamp at home then you can make your own for even less.

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A New Year: the Perfect Time to Start a New You

It’s a brand new year! Although resolutions are all well and good, I am striving for more permanent changes in my life. There are many things that I want to get started now and continue through the entire year. Things like getting organized, cooking new things, and being the best version of myself.

One of the things that I know I need to work on to become the best version of myself is exercising…regularly. Not just the maybe once a week when I feel like it. Because let’s face it, I rarely feel like it.

I’m not a fitness expert, but Heartland America offers a variety of exercise equipment so that anyone can workout from the comfort of their own home.

I have compiled a variety of ideas for you, for your man, and for both of you. There’s no time like the present to get started on a healthier, happier you.

Women's Fitness Equipment
Sony Portable CD/Cassette Boombox, Ab Circle Pro, Women’s Hi-Tec Darwen Running Shoes, Step 360 Exercise with Cords.

Music always helps me get charged up for my workout. If you exercise at home, you can crank it up with the Sony Portable Boombox and never have to deal with headphones.

The Ab Circle Pro is a great way to get your upper, middle, and lower abs in shape and give you that lovely small waist you’ve always wanted. It’s simple and offers three levels of resistance so you can train at your own level of fitness.

Walking or running improves your whole body strength and endurance. Hi-Tec Darwen Running Shoes bring together quality and comfort to propel you further in your fitness goals with shock-absorbing soles and traction to keep you on the right path.

With the Step 360 Exercise Board you can get a full body workout. The adjustable air-filled chambers offer progressive resistance as your fitness level improves. The step board also interlocks with resistance cords to tone your arms, back and chest, and flip it over for a stable place to attain deep stretches.


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