2 Naughty & Nice Ornament DIYs to Encourage Your Kids to be Christmas Helpers

Happy holiday greetings everyone! Wasn’t Thanksgiving delicious? I think I’ve finally recovered from a delightful food haze. But there’s barely time to catch my breathe. Christmas will be here before we know it. With each passing day kids are getting more excited for Christmas. I love the enthusiasm, but it can add even more crazy to the holiday season. Santa’s has his helpers and every parent needs their kids to help out around Christmas time. So I decided to take a page from Santa’s playbook and create two kinds of Naughty and Nice Ornaments with some reward and consequence ideas to go with them.

2 Christmas Naughty and Nice Ornament DIYs

These ornaments look great on the tree and encourage kids to make the right choices this holiday season. The inspiration for these DIYs is to reward kids for acts of kindness as well as helping out around the house. But they also recognize when attitudes and actions need some improvement. They are a cute and fun way to have teaching moments even during Christmas time.

Let’s start with the naughty and nice glitter ornaments. The black ornaments are for naughty actions and the red for acts of niceness. The individual tags on the ornaments stand for the first initial of your child. When someone’s done something extra nice like share a toy or walked the dog, they get to put a red ornament with their initial on the tree. But when someone’s thrown a fit or not done their chores, they have to put a black ornament with their initial on the tree.

The child or children who have more red ornaments than black get an additional treat at Christmas or decide on a fun activity for the family to do after Christmas. But if someone has more black than red, they’ll be doing extra chores after Christmas. These ornaments help teach your kids that actions, both good and bad, have lasting consequences and can effect the future.

To make these glitter ornaments you will need:

Supplies for DIY Naughty and Nice Ornaments

  • Pack of clear ornaments (either glass or plastic)
  • Glitter in red and black
  • Decoupage glue
  • Ribbon or decorative string
  • Tags
  • Gold paint pen
  • Black fine point permanent marker
  • Scissors
  • Plastic resealable baggie
  • Water

There’s a couple of notes before we get started. Make sure your tags are much smaller than your ornaments. I don’t know what came over me at the store, but I actually bought tags about the same size as my ornaments. They completely dwarfed the ornaments and frankly looked ridiculous. If you can only find large tags that’s alright. I will show you how I fixed the tags I bought later on.

I adore glitter ornaments but hate how glitter invades every corner of my home when I add them to the tree. So these ornaments have glitter on the inside. Now it won’t look like a fairy sneezed all over your house.

While you can make these ornaments in an hour or less, they take at least 2 days to dry completely clear. You’ll see what I mean below. But they look fantastic when they do dry.

Remove the tops from the ornaments. Then start by mixing your glue and water.

Making Glitter Ornaments

You will need to thin the glue with a tiny bit of water so it can coat the inside of the clear ornament. Add three tablespoons of glue to about a quarter of a teaspoon of water in a resealable baggie. Honestly you only need a few drops of water. Once you’ve smooshed the bag to mix the glue and water together, cut off one of the bottom corners of the bag. You’ll need a tiny hole to pipe the glue into the top of the ornament bulb. Pipe a good amount of glue through the top opening of the bulb. Turn the bulb around in your fingers to fully coat the inside of the ornament with glue. Pour out the excess glue. I usually do this over a glass cup or shake it out over the sink with the water running.

Next pour a generous amount of glitter into the bulb and turn it around in your fingers to fully coat the inside. Pour out the excess glitter on a sheet of paper. After you are done you can roll the paper into a cone and put the glitter back in it’s container to use later.

Pop on the top and let dry. It does take about 2 days for the glue to dry completely. The glitter ornaments will have a milky look to them at first (see ex. above on left). But the glue will become clear once it dries completely (see ex. above on right).

While those are drying you can make your initial tags (and more 😉 ).

Making Initial Tags

As I said before, I bought the wrong tags so I had to cut mine down. Using a quarter, I traced a smaller circle around the top of the tag so I could use the premade hole in the tag. Then I carefully cut out the smaller circle and was ready to actually make a tag. If you can skip this step by either getting small tags or large ornaments, I’d highly recommend it. As you can see above smaller tags are much better. 😀

Now to actually make the tags, use a paint pen to draw your child’s initial. I like taking up practically the whole tag with the child’s initial. It looks like a design rather than an initial. Then run the paint pen along the outer edge to give it a classy gold edge. Next outline the initial with a fine tipped black permanent marker. This will help the initial stand out nicely. Then simply string the tag with a ribbon or decorative string so you are ready to tie it on to a red or black ornament.

Naughty and Nice Glitter Ornaments

I really love the glittery look of these ornaments. It’s also a great teaching tool that isn’t obvious to guest who come to visit over Christmas. You could use any color of glitter. So if you wanted to just reward acts of kindness, you could assign each child a different color and whoever has the most at Christmas could get that special reward. How or if you use it as a teaching tool is completely up to you, but this will help me remember not to take any act of kindness for granted.

For naughty and nice ornament DIY number two, we have naughty and nice tickets with a similar idea behind them. But instead of putting them up on the tree, the kids will have to take them off. Naughty tickets result in extra chores. While kids can redeem nice tickets for little rewards or save them up for a bigger reward later.

The naughty and nice tickets require:

Supplies for Naughty and Nice Tickets

I have just a quick note about cardstock. Make sure it’s not too thick because you need to run it through your printer. I actually used 65lb cover (or medium) weight cardstock which worked really well. I loaded it one sheet at a time through the little door in my printer that you can load envelopes and such into. I didn’t try it in the paper drawer in case it got stuck. The manual feed door worked perfectly. When in doubt use the manual door. 🙂

So start out by downloading and printing out the Naughty and Nice Tickets on your cardstock.

DIY Naughty and Nice Tickets

Then cut out each ticket. You can just cut it out with regular scissors or add a nice ticket touch by cutting both ends with pinking shears. Since the Naughty tickets have black text on black paper, you will need to write over the text with a gold paint pen. I love the gold against the black background: it gives it a nice shiny pop. Once that’s dry, you can paint the edges of both the black and red tickets. And that’s it! Just string the ribbon on your tree like garland and attach the tickets to it with small clothes pins.

Finished Naughty and Nice Tickets

Okay of the two ornament DIYs, this one is my favorite. and it looks so cute on the tree! All they are so easy and quick to make that you can make these tickets as you need them. And if you want to make just the Nice tickets, you can totally do that. I want you to use both of these ideas in whatever way is best for your kiddos.

If your kids want to earn extra nice ornaments or tickets, you can make a helper jar. All you need is a mason jar, kid’s Christmas sock, paper, pen, scissors, and a bit of ribbon if you want.

Santa's Little Helper Jar

This is as easy as it gets. Slip the Christmas sock over the mason jar and tie a bit of ribbon around the top. On a piece of paper, jot down some chores your kids can do to help out this Christmas season. Make sure to leave enough space between each chore to cut them apart. After you’ve cut them out, fold the slips of paper and put them into your helper jar. Then when your child is looking for a way to help, you can have them reach into the jar and grab a chore. That way it’s completely fair way of assigning chores. You will want to keep a stocking of little rewards. After they are done and received their nice ticket or ornament, they can redeem it for a special little treat. It’s a really great way of teaching kids the value of being kind.

If your kids save up their tickets or have lots of red ornaments, why not treat them to special really special. At Heartland America, there are lots of great gifts. Here are a few that I’m sure your kids would love.

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I hope your holiday season is filled with kindness and Christmas cheer. Have fun with your entire family throughout Christmas time. It’ll be over before you know it, but before that I’ll be bringing you a delicious dessert to make for your family and friends this Christmas. Until then stay safe and remember you are always welcome at home with Heartland.


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